Expressive Gemma (Norbert 444) Preliminary Crown and Champion in Baldwin (USA)

Gemma fan Signature Friesians Voorlopig Kroon (Norbert 444 x Loadewyk 431).


October 5, 2022
Gemma fan Signature Friesians Preliminary Crown (Norbert 444 x Loadewyk 431)

At the inspection in Baldwin, KFPS judges Willem Sonnema and Jolanda Slootjes made Gemma fan Signature Friesians (Norbert 444 x Loadewyk 431) Preliminary Crown and pronounced her Breeding Day Champion. The 4-year-old mare who is owned by Pamela and Matt Gish from Signature Friesians, was rewarded with a 9 for breeding type. The Reserve Title was for 5-year-old Emmy KCF Star (Julius 486 x Tonjes 459) who became Star with a first premium.

Positive body shape

Gemma has a very expressive head, good length in the neck and good-looking shape of the neck. To that she adds positive body shape with a beautifully flowing topline and a long croup with good stance, is how the judges described her. Stance of her legwork is satisfactory with good feet. The walk was active and regular but strides should be a little more ground-covering. Her trot was active with good bend but the rhythm was a little high. In the second presentation Gemma was promoted to Preliminary Crown.
The Reserve Champion also came from the group of 4-year-old and older Foalbook mares. Emmy received a Star with a first premium. She is a horse with an attractive crest, lots of front, a long, sloping shoulder and a somewhat sloping croup with satisfactory length. She has good-quality legwork and dry legs, a roomy, active and regular walk and her trot is very ground-covering with a long moment of suspension, lots of posture and balance. In the 3-year-old category Juliana Star (Norbert 444 x Teade 392) received a Star with a second premium. ‘She has an expressive head, length of the neck and poll is satisfactory. Strength of the topline is satisfactory with a slightly sloping croup that has satisfactory length’, the judges commented. Her legwork is a bit standing under, with generous size of feet and dry quality is also satisfactory. The walk was roomy and active and Juliana showed a regular trot, although impulsion needs to be improved. There was a Preliminary Star for the 6-year-old Betje van Boonstra Friesians (Fridse 423 x Tsjalke 397).

First premium for Star mare Yfke

Star mare Yfke L. Star A (Alwin 469 x Beart 411) received a first premium. She already had a 73-point IBOP score to her name, which she could now raise by one point to 74 points. The 7-year-old Yfke, bred by the Leemans family from Maarheeze, has an expressive head with a long neck and abundant feathers. Her topline is strong, the loin section a little tight, a good shoulder and a good croup in terms of shape and length. Yfke showed a roomy walk, with activity and suppleness. Her trot had good scope and bend in the hind leg and she moved in a satisfactorily uphill outline.

Two stallions became Star: Duke and Foks

Duke van de Keen Star (Jehannes 484 x Andries 415) is a full brother of Auwert 514. He earned his Star thanks to satisfactory head expression, although slightly lacking in crest. The neck has satisfactory length and poll is satisfactory too. The shoulder has good length but is a little steep. The topline is good, the croup would benefit from a little more length. Legwork is dry with good stance overall. Walk and trot showed satisfactory scope but he needs to develop more power from the hind leg. He earned 70.5 points for his IBOP driving test.
There was a Star too for Foks C. Star (Norbert 444 x Sape 381). He has an expressive head, a good crest, good length in the neck but poll is a bit too narrow. Behind his long, sloping shoulder we see a topline of satisfactory strength and a croup with very good conformation. His legwork should have been a little drier. Foks demonstrated a walk that needs to be more active and with more ground-covering strides, but it had suppleness. In trot he moves with a beautiful moment of suspension, good posture and power.
Late entry Abracadabra fan Stershire (Sape 381 x Maeije 440) was already Star and caught the eye with his presence and feathers, which resulted in a 9 for breeding type. The back should have been a little stronger but shoulder conformation is good. Dry quality of the legwork is satisfactory but pasterns are slightly sloping. Abracadabra’s walk showed suppleness but he must learn to walk more from the shoulder. His trot showed lots of impulsion, although the rhythm was a little high.

IBOP star with 79 points

The IBOP star of Baldwin was Debaret (Julius 486 x Rindert 406) with a 79 score. This 5-year-old mare showed an active walk with satisfactory scope and a regular trot with good bend in the hind leg and good extensions in trot. She moved with self-carriage in canter but there is room for improvement in terms of uphill outline. At the inspection, this Foalbook mare was accepted in the Studbook with a third premium.

First premium for colt foal Triton

In the foal category colt foal Triton Black Gold (Meinte 490 x Harmen 424) received a first premium. Triton has an expressive head and fine shape of the neck. His topline must become a little stronger but loin section and croup are good, according to the judges. In trot Triton moved with activity but length of stride needs to improve. In trot he showed front, a fine foreleg and capacity for transitions.

Enjoying Norbert 444 and Bene 476

The Jury members were also treated to a demonstration of KFPS Studbook stallions Norbert 444 and Bene 476 from Signature Friesians. ‘Both were in good condition and gave a fine demonstration which we thoroughly enjoyed’, Jolanda Slootjes and Willem Sonnema both stated.

Norbert 444, eighteen years old

Bene 476, fourteen years old





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