Fertile Anke O. passes on breeding capacity

Albert Oosterkamp from Fochteloo is the breeder of Crown jewel Anke O. Star Preferent (Lute 304), who, with eight Star offspring including one Preferent daughter, is double Preferent. Brothers Albert and Johan Oosterkamp have built a strong breeding programme with three (half)sisters from Marcus Doller’s line. Anke O. was sold as a foal and subsequently brought success to several breeders.

Crown jewel Anke O. Star Preferent (Lute 304) is a descendant from pedigree 128, not one of the biggest but it is a high-quality pedigree that has produced many Preferent mares and Studbook stallions. Her story starts with the purchase of two Friesian mares by the now deceased breeder Albert Oosterkamp. From the late Marcus Doller he bought Ivonne Star Preferent. Her dam, Claartje Model Preferent (Bouke 174), stood at the basis of high-quality offspring and the growth of pedigree 128. The combination with Ritske 202 injected reliability into the breeding programme and added class to Claartje: her five daughters by Ritske 202 became Star, all five of them, with oldest daughter Martina even rising to Model and Preferent. Ivonne brought mainly colts but she received the Preferent predicate on the basis of her first four daughters. ‘My husband did some driving with Ivonne, but not quite so seriously’, Mrs Oosterkamp says. ‘He was a lot more fanatical about his driving with her daughters Immie O. and Pytrik O. Our mares were very easy to handle.’ Immie O. Star (Hearke 254) gave birth to thirteen foals in the Oosterkamp yard, eight of them colts. Pytrik O. Star (Tamme 276) brought five offspring with only the first one being a mare: Anke O. Star Preferent (Lute 304).

Good move

Anke O. was sold as a foal in 1992 and went on to have several owners until in 2000 she ended up with Hindrik Kuiper in Oosterend while she was in foal by Thomas 327. Kuiper: ‘Anke was not overly tall but she had a very good walk. That good walk is embedded in the entire line. And she was such a sweet horse. The fact that the well-known mare Claartje came from the same pedigree clinched it for me.’ Hindrik Kuiper had very good breeding results with Anke: ‘Every foal she produced was something special.’ Her son Hindrik K. succeeded in securing the Star predicate, as did the stallions that were born after him: Jurjun K. Star (Lolke 371) and Meile K. Star (Rindert 406).
Just like the oldest son Mindert K. Star (Time 398) out of Blomke (a daughter from Anke O.), Meile K. was presented at the Stallion Inspection where both went through to the Second Viewing. Meile got even as far as the Performance Test but stranded there.

Fine head

Rindert 406 daughter Reinskje K., who was born in 2005, still lives at Kuiper’s yard and is his favourite horse. ‘Reinskje is also a very sweet mare. She has a good walk and a very pretty head, that’s important to me. She also breeds really well, no matter what stallion you put on her, they are invariably good horses.’ Reinskje has a Model daughter, Jaaikje K. (Tjalbert 460), who herself has brought a Crown daughter by Gerben 479. Four of Reinskje’s sons became Star. From these four Urbanis K. Star (Andries 415) took part in the Central Examination, but he was not approved. Reinskje now has a wonderful colt by Elias 494 at her side.’ Markus 491 son Ernst K. Star, which Kuiper has in joint ownership with Tsjalling de Boer, has been selected for the presentation days in June.
Hindrik Kuiper’s stock of horses is by now so large that he has to put some mares up for sale. ‘I want to continue my breeding with Reinskje and Jaaikje. There was some interest for Anke so that’s why she was sold.’ Anke came to live in Agnes and Henk Braspenning’s yard who breed under the stable name of ‘v.d. Heikant’. Anke’s daughter Gwenda v.d. Heikant (Stendert 447) became Star which made Anke double Preferent.
Sebastian Schiller from Germany was Anke’s final owner. ‘It was my intention to go on breeding with her, she was pregnant by Beart 411 when I bought her. I sold the filly foal she then gave birth to at my yard, Maja von der Loberaue. She was pregnant again when she started to become really skinny and in the end she died as the consequence of oesophageal paralysis. Anke lived to be twenty.’

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