First Sport predicate via Para dressage for Russian Martinus HO (with video)

Martinus HO has roped in the Sport predicate in Russia. That is not so much of a remarkable thing in itself because lots of other horses have achieved this, abroad too. However, this Norbert 444 son has secured his predicate in Para Dressage.

100% Dedication

‘Compliments to the breeder’, Martinus HO´s proud owner Oxana Popova from Russia lets us know. ‘He is a fantastic stallion with 100% commitment to us and his rider. He loves the work and is eager to perform.’ Martinus HO is a son by Norbert 444 out of Ulkje H, a Preferent Naen 264 daughter who is also the dam of Winand 405 (Pike 316.). Martinus was bred by Tinus Hooijmans from Kerkdriel and sold to Russia when a colt with a first premium. The by now 7-year-old stallion was raised and trained in his new home country Russia. ‘As a young horse he already clocked remarkable results in the national competitions’, Oxana says. In 2016 Martinus HO completed an IBOP in Russia with a score of 73,5 points.

Soon in the Netherlands

Martinus HO´s regular rider is Natalia Martyanova who competes him in Grade V Para Dressage, the lightest handicap category. ‘Natalia started him in Para Dressage in 2018 but she has been riding Martinus since he was a 3-year-old’, Oxana informs us. Natalia is the leading lady of the Russian Para Dressage Team and achieves percentages of over 70% with Martinus HO. This spring they won a national competition in Russia and they frequently travel abroad with the stallion. Before long we will be able to admire this combination in the Netherlands: in the week from 5 to 9 June the entire Russian Para Dressage Team will be in Kronenberg. ‘We´re hoping to go home with wonderful results’, Oxana says. ‘So that all owners of Friesian horses can share in the pride.’

Выступление Натальи Мартьяновой на Мартинус ХО в Командном призе международных соревнований CPEDI 2* V уровня с результатом 71.202% и I местом. Поздравляем с потрясающим результатом, а владельцу Оксане Поповой отдельное спасибо за великолепную лошадь.

Gepostet von ХорсТранспорт am Mittwoch, 28. November 2018


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