Five stallions through to final exam Central Examination

Gerben A.L. (Nane 492 x Beart 411) Foto: Johanna Faber


October 16, 2021
Gerben A.L. (Nane 492 x Beart 411) Photo: Johanna Faber

On Saturday morning the 16th of October five stallions passed their saddle test in Exloo. They are continuing the Central Examination to get prepared for the driving/showdriving test and the final exam on Saturday the 13th of November. Here too the announcement of the KFPS Studbook stallions is going to take place.

Five out of the seven are through

Seven young stallions presented themselves under saddle to the Stallion Inspection Jury under Head of Jury Piet Bergsma. Topper was the 3-year-old Gerben A.L. (Nane 492 x Beart 411) who received 89 points for his great suppleness, fine uphill outline and lots of balance for a 3-year-old. Hinne B. (Hette 481 x Alwin 469), with an 8.5 for his really good walk also generously passed his test with a score of 83. The third 3-year-old in this group, Herre fan Hylpen (Nane 492 x Reinder 452), won himself a ticket for the final exam with 77.5 points. The 4-year-old Faust B (Maurits 437 x Haitse 425) got 86 points to his name thanks to a very strong hind leg and fine uphill quality and balance in movement. The 5-year-old Aizo fan Twillens (Haike 482 x Wylster 463), already flaunting a triple A behind his name, is going to finish his 70-day test in Exloo with 78.5 points, a strong walk and a strongly carrying hind leg. So five of the seven horses received an evaluation in the discipline for riding horse, which takes them one more step closer in the trajectory for becoming a Studbook stallion.

Brend Abe drops out and Durk is allowed a delay

Brend Abe fan Galinga State (Jehannes 484 x Norbert 444) achieved neat scores but needed to demonstrate more scope in the walk. The 5-year-old was not allowed to continue after the saddle test. Durk fan Oostenburg (Alwin 469 x Norbert 444) also saw his Central Examination end here. During his presentation the 4-year-old stallion was not entirely regular, but he was given permission to return for the next Presentation Days.
The final exam and the combined driving-showdriving test will take place on Saturday the 13th of November and can be followed via livestream.


1Gerben A.L.*Nane 492 x Beart 4117,58,58,08,58,08,08,089,0
14Hinne B.*Hette 481 x Alwin 4698,57,08,07,07,57,57,083,0
23Herre fan Hylpen*Nane 492 x Reinder 4527,07,07,57,07,07,06,577,5
34Faust B*Maurits 437 x Haitse 4257,08,07,58,58,08,08,086,0
42Aizo fan Twillens*Haike 482 x Wylster 4638,07,07,56,57,06,57,078,5
43Brend Abe fan Galinga StateJehannes x Norbert 4446,57,56,57,07,06,57,075,5
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