Forty-four stallions invited to the Presentation Days

Kjeld van de Beestmanweg KFPS Hengstenkeuring 2021 © Digishots

After the Second Viewing on Thursday the 13th and Friday the 14th of January, forty-two stallions obtained an invitation for the Presentation Days. On Thursday afternoon seventeen stallions were given the green light for the next round, on Friday fifteen more got the go ahead. To begin with there were three more stallions with a referral but two of those did not meet the Veterinary Regulations and one failed to meet the Inspection Regulations.
The post-inspection added two more stallions to the selection.

Six sons for Jurre 495 and Tjebbe 500

With each six sons Jurre 495 and Tjebbe 500 were on a roll, Tiede 501 sent four sons off to the next round and Ulbrân 502 five. Tymen 503 and Alwin 469 each supplied three stallions for the Presentation Days scheduled for June, July and August of next summer, and which form the next phase of the stallion selection.

Download here the complete list of young stallions through to the Presentation Days




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