Four new Studbook stallions for the KFPS

Beant 517, Fryso 518, Dedmer 519 and Foeke 520 are the new KFPS Studbook stallions. On Saturday the 21st of November they successfully completed the final part of their Central Examination and were awarded their stud licence. This results in the addition of two Hessel 480 sons, one Alwin 469 son and one Jehannes 484 son to the breeding programme for Friesian horses.

The last day of the Central Examination was dedicated to the harness- and driving tests. Based on the grades for the three disciplines, all four stallions have been registered as KFPS studbook stallions.

Beant 517, Studbook name Beant fan de Lege Geaën (Hessel 480 x Tsjalle 454)
Slow and steady wins the race. Beant 517 was also selected for last year’s Central Examination. He managed to find his way back in via the re-inspection and this year convincingly made it across the finishing line. The 4-year-old stallion, bred and owned by Thys Fopma from Gauw, was bred out of Lobke fan de Lege Geaën Model Sport (Tsjalle 454), pedigree 103.

Fryso 518, Studbook name Foppe van de pôle (Hessel 480 x Jisse 433)
Fryso 518 comes out of Star mare Marrit van de Pôle (Jisse 433) and was bred and is still owned by Mrs P.M. Annema-Hoekstra from Hoornsterzwaag. His granddam is Star mare Aukje A (Anton 343), followed by a Preferent Doeke 287 daughter, pedigree 287. Fryso 518 is carrier of the dwarfism gene.

Dedmer 519, Studbook name Dedmer fan Klaeiterp (Alwin 469 x Teeuwis 389)
Dedmer 519’s dam Wealtsje A Model (Teeuwis 389) is a CI Champion. This mare line 110 has produced horses with very attractive results in dressage and showdriving sports. Dedmer 519 was bred by the combination de Vries in Wieuwerd and the owners are Tjalling de Boer and E. Kramer.

Foeke 520, Studbook name Danny van de Olde Mette Moate (Jehannes 484 x Onne 376)
Foeke 520 stems from the well-known Anton Schut stud farm. His dam is the 18-year-old Hadewich Star Preferent Prestatie (Onne 376) who, in addition to being the dam of this brand-new Studbook stallion also has Model mare Rafaella van de Olde Mette Moate AA (Beart 411) among her offspring. Foeke comes from a fertile dam line that has very good breeding results, pedigree 38. This pedigree includes foundation dam Wijkje Model Preferent Performance, dam of Studbook stallions Djurre 284 and Tsjerk 328. Foeke 520, jointly owned by Jasper van Manen and Willem Lokhorst, is a carrier of the dwarfism gene.

Detailed descriptions of these four new Studbook stallions will be published in the next Phryso.

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