Friesian gelding Lorenzo (Mees 497) to parade for the Danish Queen

Lorenzo Sognatore af Aftonmora (Mees 497 x Mewes 438)

The Royal stables of Denmark has purchased the four-year-old gelding Lorenzo Sognatore af Aftonmora (Mees 497 x Mewes 438) in Sweden. Lorenzo will in the future be the horse carrying the big drums in the front, when parading for the Queen.

Large, nice appearance and good character

This spring, the royal stables contacted Sandra Åhs Nilsson of Aftonmora to ask if she had a Friesian horse that would be suitable for the purpose. They were looking for a large Friesian with a very nice appearance and above all a good character. ‘Lorenzo actually met all the requirements and so he was on trial for a few weeks at the royal stables.’ Lorenzo – son of Imke van ‘t Maarssens Veen Kroon AA (Mewes 438 x Vetch 404) – passed that trial period with flying colors. “We are very proud that we will soon see Lorenzo in the parade.”

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