Friesian horses showstoppers of CHIO Aachen show programme

On Tuesday evening the 28th of June a dozen Friesian horses are going to give a demonstration during the opening ceremony of CHIO Aachen. Along with the flag parade, the evening also hosts a joint performance with the French show group Cie des Quidams, who are set to create a wonderful contrast between our black pearls and their own inflatable white horses of up to 3.5 metres high.

International event with world-class equestrian sports

The CHIO Aachen is also dubbed the Wimbledon of horse sports. This international event is going to take place in Aachen, Germany between 24 June and 3 July. The top of the dressage- and showjumper riders from all over the world can be seen in action there. The Friesian horses have been invited to give a show on Tuesday evening the 28th of June. ‘That’s a fine chance to put our Friesian horses in the spotlight’, says Susan Wind, who is part of the organising team together with Sybren Minkema and Jolanda Schreuder. ‘We also presented a show with Friesian horses in 2017, together with the Fryske Quadrille. That was a huge success and quite a memorable experience.’


Flag parade and show with Cie des Quidams

The Friesian horses are scheduled to leave for Aachen on Sunday the 26th of June so that there will be ample time to gear up for the show programme. The show will kick off with a flag parade on Tuesday the 28th of June, then later in the programme (when it is dark) they will give their joint performance with the French show group Cie des Quidams. This show group makes use of 3.5m-high inflatable white horses, which will make a fantastic spectacle in combination with the Friesian horses.

Live on German TV

The complete show programme can be followed live via a German TV channel. Sofi Väisänen is going to keep a blog for Phryso, so following of all preparations, proceedings as well as the show is guaranteed.


The participating riders and horses are:

Leonie Evink with Sjoeke van Ravenswoud Crown Sport AA (Wimer 461)
Luciel v d Kooi with Alout fan Bokkum Star AA (Jehannes 484)
Harmina Holwerda with Vigo van der Wietze Star Sport (Jasper 366)
Hilda Visser with Helmes van het Hoksent Star Sport (Adel 357)
Sale Visser with Yvonne-Marrit fan Hickaerd (Reinder 452)
Yolanda Kiewiet with Wander (Epke 474)
Sofi Väisanen with Xenia SB Star Sport AA (Beart 411)
Britt Muis with It’s Britt’s Hebbe Sport Elite (Olgert 445) – Hindrik van Lytsepost
Sybren Minkema with Fryso’s Hector B (Nane 492)
Evelien Duinwitht Florus oet oale Kloosterveen Star AA (Meinte 490)
Lisette Westerbeek with Thyra af Rueagergaard Star Sport A (Wybren 464)
Susan Wind with Diesel Galloper Star AAA (Omer 493) – Diesel fan Veldzicht

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