Friesian Quadrille highlight of Fhana Jubilee (with video)

De Friesian Quadrille tijdens het Fhana jubileum op 16 juli (Foto: Marijke Akkerman)

The act of the Friesian Quadrille during the Fhana Jubilee on July 16th was the impressive highlight of three festive days in Ponoka (Alberta) in the honour of the 35th anniversary of Fhana.

Brushing away tears

More than 50 people from the Netherlands set off for Canada to take part in the festivities and they were all very much impressed with the performance of the Quadrille. ‘Many had to brush away tears’, said Marijke Akkerman who on behalf of the KFPS had also embarked on this journey. ‘It´s wonderful to see how our Friesian horse connects people.’

Metal practice sjezen from Friesland

The Friesian Quadrille consists of eight drivers from Canada. Practice sjezen made of metal were constructed in Friesland and flown over to Canada. From the Netherlands Frits de Jong helped the Canadian Quadrille with their show programme. Practising involved quite some organising, since 400km distances are not at all unusual in Canada. In spite of all that they have managed to practise every two weeks in the run-up to the Jubilee. And it has paid off.

Respect for Alberta Friesian Horse Association

From far and wide the lovers of Friesian horses travelled to Ponoka. ‘For some that meant a four-day drive or a day on a plane to get here and be part of it. ‘We have the deepest respect for all the hard work of the Alberta Friesian Horse Association’.

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