Friesian Talent Cup: last edition at the 2024 Stallion Inspection

The Friesian Talent Cup 2023/2024 will be the last edition of this competition for 3½-year-old Friesian horses, as the organisation has announced. ‘We very much regret we had to take this decision’, chairwoman Wendy van der Veen declares. ‘We are going to look into what options there are to continue the competition in another format.’

Competitions from the age of 4

Conform KNHS directives for animal welfare young horses can be competed in the sport from the age of four. The Friesian Talent Cup no longer fits that bill. ‘After extensive deliberations the Board unfortunately sees no other solution for the competition in its current format. This means that this edition will be the last of its kind.’

Final at the SI.

Meanwhile the preliminary heats for the last edition have taken place. With twenty-one stallions and geldings and twenty-three mares for the semi-final in Balkbrug on the 16th of December there’s certainly no lack of enthusiasm. So people are eagerly looking forward to find out which horses are going to vie for the Titles during the very last final at the KFPS Stallion Inspection in Leeuwarden on Thursday the 11th of January.

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