Fyrrha (Markus 491) Crown, 2-year-old Nika (Tiede 501) Day Champion in Oregon


October 10, 2022

At the inspection in Eugene, Oregon (America), Joe and Kayla Michielli’s 2-year-old Nika fan Extreme Friesians (Tiede 501 x Feike 395) was pronounced Champion by Jury members Willem Sonnema and Jolanda Slootjes. Reserve Day Champion was her stable mate Fyrrha fan Synaedea Crown AA (Markus 491 x Beart 411) who was awarded the Crown predicate.

Champion with ‘wow’ factor

Youngster- and Overall Champion Nika definitely had the ‘wow’ factor, the Jury members commented. ‘She is elegant, youthful and with an uphill build, has a noble head with appealing looks and beautiful shape of the neck.’ Nika has dry legwork with good stance, in walk she moves actively with roomy strides, suppleness and from the shoulder. In trot she demonstrates great rhythm, scope, posture, impulsion and suppleness. Nika is a daughter of Baukje út ’t Westen Crown AA (Feike 395) and a granddaughter of Kathinka J. Crown AA (Monte 378) from pedigree 30.

The Overall Champion: 2-year-old Nika

First-premium Fyrrha becomes Crown

In the Star mare category the 5-year-old Fyrrha – in 2019 Youngster Champion in Blauwhuis – received a first premium, became Preliminary Crown and thanks to her IBOP of 79 points (dating from April 2021) was promptly upgraded to Crown. She has a noble head, good-sized poll, a somewhat horizontal, long neck and lavish feathers, is how Willem Sonnema and Jolanda Slootjes described her. She has a long shoulder, good topline and a slightly sloping croup of satisfactory length. Her legwork should radiate a bit more quality. Fyrrha walks with activity and suppleness and her trot displays lots of posture, impulsion and suppleness.

Crown mare Fyrrha

Reserve Youngster Champion Maritza (Tjaarda 483)

The Reserve Youngster Title went to another 2-year-old with a first premium: Maritza (Tjaarda 483 x Feike 395) who is owned by Miguel and Michele Sanchez. Maritza’s head shows satisfactory elegance and she has a well-shaped neck which is a little horizontal. Her topline is satisfactory with a strong loin section. She is a bit straight in the hind leg, but has good feet. Maritza moves with an active walk showing good bend and in a fine uphill frame in trot with good use of the foreleg.
In the yearling category there was a first premium for Sterre fan Extreme Friesians (Julius 486), a half sister of the Overall Champion. Sterre is youthful, longlined but with slightly underdeveloped muscling. Expression of the head is satisfactory and the long neck is well-shaped, topline and loin section are also good. Her walk could be a bit roomier, the trot has satisfactory scope and is supple but needs to develop more power.

Three Stars second premium

In the category 4-year-old and older Foalbook mares three horses received a Star with a second premium: Aistech E. Star (Sape 381 x Jasper 366), Geartsje fan Black Pearl Star (Hessel 480 x Andries 415) and Hearkje von ‘t Twentscheveld Star (Alke 468 x Mewes 438). Grace Z. (Tjalbert 460 x Wander 352) became Preliminary Star.

Gallardo IBOP star with 77 points

Star stallion Gallardo YL Star (Hessel 480 x Tsjalle 454) earned 77 points for his IBOP. He is a youthful stallion whose head should be a little more aristocratic, he has positive body shape, needs to develop a stronger topline and has dry legwork with good stance overall. He moves with a roomy walk and a trot that demonstrates posture and activity. Gallardo is in ownership of Joe and Kayla Michielli from Extreme Friesian Stables, who can look back on a very successful inspection.

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