German Roswhita fan Ass: Crown and Breeding Day Champion

Fokdagkampioen Klein Meckelsen: de zesjarige Roswhita fan Ass Kroon (Andries 415), rechts reservekampioen de driejarige Atlanta von Westerau (Wolfert 467) Breeding Day Champion Klein Meckelsen: the 6-year-old Roswhita fan Ass Crown (Andries 415), with 3-year-old Reserve Champion Atlanta von Westerau (Wolfert 467) on the right

On July 21st Magdeburg and Klein Meckelsen were the inspection venues in Germany. The organising committee of Klein Meckelsen made it a day for all the family with various activities such as a bouncy castle for kids, so it´s a popular day with the visitors.

IBOP scores of 82 points

These surroundings were somewhat awe-inspiring for some horses. ‘The horses in the IBOP tests in particular were quite a handful for their riders,’ Jury member Jolanda Slootjes remarks. Those lady riders were the experienced Ingeborg Klooster and Lisanne Veenje. Klooster kept her cool and steered the 6-year-old Roswhita fan Ass Star (Andries 415), owned by Mrs A. Diers-Schaefer, to a top score of 82 points. ‘A beautiful horse,’ Jolanda Slootjes commented. ‘With so much breed expression and a strong topline. She showed a very good walk with good use of the body and presented a very strong round of trot.’ At the in-hand inspection Roswitha received an invitation for the Central Inspection which was promptly converted into a Crown declaration, also thanks to her excellent IBOP scores. With this brilliant performance the Title of Breeding Day Champion could not elude her.

Jasmin vom Schladitzer See: 9 for trot

In Magdeburg an exceptionally unique filly even received a 9 for her trot. Sebastian Schiller´s petite Jasmin vom Schladitzer See (Bikkel 470) left quite an impression on Jolanda Slootjes: ‘What an outstanding foal. A finely chiselled head, lovely legwork with an easy walk and easy transitions in trot. A foal we really hope to see at the Central Inspection.’ The Breeding Day Champion Title went to the 5-year-old Trienke fan Lyts Grons Star (Epke 474), bred by Mrs J. Boonstra-Hijlkema and owned by Alexa Unger. ‘A mare with a fine, long and vertical neck and good movement. Her trot was slightly rushed which meant we couldn´t make her Preliminary Crown. We have advised the owners to enter her for an IBOP first.’
‘With eight new Stars, good foal categories and superbly-organised inspections my fellow Jury member Wieneke Blom and myself can look back on a top weekend,’ Jolanda Slootjes concludes.
Jasmin vom Schladetzer See (Bikkel 470) Photo: Joanna Sasse (Sasse Photographie)

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