Go-getter Rafaelle van de Olde Mette Moate Model AA

Go-getter Rafaelle van de Olde Mette Moate Model AA (Beart 411 x Onne 376) was declared Model at the re-inspection. Owner Henny Vloedgraven has always believed in his mare: ‘She’s an impressive mare, she commands attention.’

Yet, Vloedgraven purchased Rafaelle quite by coincidence. In 2013 he was on the lookout for an interesting filly foal for his breeding. So he contacted Anton Schut, who was selling foals from his well-known ‘Van de Olde Mette Moate’ stud. Vloedgraven’s eye fell on Poike van de Olde Mette Moate (Norbert 444 x Rypke 321). Poike is a half sister of Seije van de Olde Mette Moate Star Preferent (Sape 381), dam of Gerben 479.
But raising one filly foal on its own is no good, so Vloedgraven wanted a companion for her. That companion was already Poike’s field mate: Rafaelle van de Olde Mette Moate (Beart 411 x Onne 376). Rafaelle is from pedigree 38 and has the well-known Wijkje Model Preferent Performance (Nanne 197) in her dam line. Wijkje gave birth to the Preferent Tsjerk 328 and Djurre 284. It wasn’t until Schut and Vloedgraven were inside to clinch the deal over a cup of coffee, when the papers came on the table and Henny saw the line that brought forth Rafaelle: ‘That is a very good pedigree and suited me well.’

Rafaelle is a daughter of Hadewich Star Preferent (Onne 376) who has also brought a Crown Sport daughter, Odewich van de Olde Mette Moate (Stendert 447) and three Star sons. The young Star stallion Danny van de Olde Mette Moate Star (Jehannes 484) was referred to this year’s Central Examination. Hadewich is a daughter of Tyalda fan Ychten Star Preferent (Teunis 332). Anton Schut purchased a few mares from Sipke Dijkstra’s ‘Fan Ychten’ line.
Schut had mentioned before that this is one of the better dam lines within the Studbook. ‘They were very modern horses in their day who would also be highly successful at inspections in today’s world.’
In 2001 he purchased the filly foals Fardou fan Ychten (Folkert 353) and Famcke fan Ychten (Teunis 332). Fardou is the oldest daughter of Crown Jewel Sanne fan Ychten Star Preferent (Teunis 332); Famcke is a full sister of this Sanne and Tyalda fan Ychten out of Marrit B. Model Preferent (Oege 267). Marrit B, again, is a half sister of Djurre 284 and Tsjerk 328 out of the afore-mentioned and famous Wijkje from Tjerk Benedictus’s breeding stud.
At the age of three Rafaelle received a first premium and became Reserve Champion at the inspection in Ambt Delden, closely behind Pleun van ‘t Lansink (Norbert 444) who has meanwhile made it to Model. At the Central Inspection Rafaelle became Preliminary Crown. After that Rafaelle was initially used for breeding. After a colt foal by Norbert 444 and a filly foal by Alwin 469, surrogate mares were put in foal by the combination Rafaelle x Alwin 469 and Rafaelle x Nane 492 in 2019 and 2020. That way things happen a lot faster: this year Rafaelle already has six registered offspring.
Last summer the mare completed an IBOP and was given 78 points which made her Permanent Crown. A first visit to the inspection location 2020 brought a first premium, but no Model predicate. ‘I took her back home but when I saw her move here at home that made me think: ‘This is such a fantastic mare both in exterior as well as movement, Model status surely is within reach.’ For Rafaelle this appreciation came at the re-inspection. Jury member Sabien Zwaga praised this mare with her modern build and lots of breed expression and stated that Rafaelle more than meets the requirements for Model.
Henny says that Rafaelle is an affectionate, gentle mare, and not just to people but
also to other horses. She’s also a very fertile mare who’s easy to get in foal.
Flushing embryos too is extraordinarily successful. Presently, the Beart 411 daughter herself is pregnant by Tymen 50. ‘Her offspring also appear to be horses with fine outlines. I hope to continue this line with her daughters, who knows, maybe even an approved son some time’, Henny Vloedgraven expresses his hopes for the future.

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