Good start to the Worldwide Friesian Tour

It’s been two weeks since the start of the Worldwide Friesian Tour and keen participants from ten separate countries have already clocked a good 695 kms with their Friesian horses.

Worldwide enthusiasm

From all corners of the world entries are flocking in via the Facebook page of the tour. Friesian horse lovers from for instance, New Zealand, Australia, Europe and Canada have already been out and about on the road riding, driving or walking their horses. Many participants are so pleased with the initiative that they are even sending in their kms from several treks they have done.

Top score

So far Swedish Amanda Krogstad stands top of the leader board, she has done eleven separate rides for the Worldwide Friesian Tour with a total distance of 177 kms. Last Sunday she covered almost 35 kms with her three Friesian geldings hitched up to the carriage. The minimum distance for taking part is 5 kms, but participants don’t necessarily have to ride out in the open. People who prefer to ride or drive in the arena can also send in their distances to help us achieve this 40.075 km ‘trip around the world’.

Taking part is easy

Follow the Facebook page of the Worldwide Friesian Tour 2022. Rally up your horsey friends, riding- or driving club, hiking club or whoever you would like to take along and choose the distance you want to do. As you know the minimum distance is 5 kms and there is no maximum distance, but do remember to factor in what you and your horse can cope with. Monitor the ride with an App that measures distances and post this together with a nice photo of you and your horse and some extra info about you on the Facebook page.

Click here for the link to the WWFT Facebook page 

284 days till Leeuwarden

The last day to participate is January the 14th 2023: the Saturday of the KFPS Stallion Inspection. From today that’s 284 days to the finishing line, so plenty of time to plan a nice ride and hop on board!

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