Gorrit Kuipers honoured with Silver KFPS Pin

Gorrit Kuipers nam tijdens de ereronde zelf even de leidsels over van Feike Holtrop.

September 18, 2021

At the Central Inspection 2021 Interim KFPS Chairman Detlef Elling presented Gorrit Kuipers with the Silver KFPS Pin. With a stunning 50 years of experience in the inspection ring Gorrit took his farewell from the Jury body last year.

Bowler hat and standing firm

Gorrit grew up with Friesian horses, was successful in showdriving, used to be a stallion keeper and since his 23rd was a Jury member too. With his experience in the sport Gorrit – usually accompanied by his wife Sjoerdje, his help and stay – was unswerving in his assessments and his focus was on movement. ‘A bowler hat requires a strong stand’, was one of his prominent sayings. ‘You have to assess a number and not the person standing next to it’, is another one.

Ambassador for the Friesian breed

‘This pin is a token of appreciation for the long-standing commitment you have given the KFPS’, is how Detlef Elling praised the man who, for half a century, has fulfilled the role of ambassador for the Friesian breed within and outside the Netherlands. Gorrit is from back in the day when the horse was on the brink of extinction. For his work on the farm he stuck to working with the Friesian horses for as long as he could, in spite of shiny tractors with suspension seats. And in the year 2021 the Friesian breed prospers as never before. ‘And we are absolutely sure that you have contributed to this success’, Detlef Elling told him. ‘For which we are infinitely grateful!’

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