Grand Prix stallion Wirdmer comes from a good nest

Lisanne Veenje - Wirdmer Fan e Boppelannen Beoordelingsmoment Exloo 2020 © DigiShots

The appealing sport results achieved by Wirdmer fan ‘e Boppelannen (Beart 411 x Jillis 301), sport name Friesen Exclusiv Wirdmer, are no coincidence. This Grand Prix stallion has an enviable lineage, both on the paternal- as well as the maternal side peppered with blood from pedigree 50. ‘We breed athletic horses’, 78-year-old breeder Marten van der Meer tells us.
Wirdmer’s owners Perry and Claudia Prexl from Austria have set themselves the objective to show the Friesian horse at international top levels in dressage. This ambition, in combination with lady rider Lisanne Veenje’s talent, has paved the way for the by now 13-year-old Wirdmer to become successful in the Grand Prix. ‘Wirdmer has a unique character, he gives his all!’

Lisanne has been riding the stallion for about three years for owners Perry and Claudia Prexl. They purchased the young Wirdmer after he stranded in the Second Viewing. ‘We recognised he had huge talent for the sport’, says Perry, who himself looks back on a career in showjumping, but also lost his heart to these beautiful black pearls.
A quick rewind to Wirdmer’s roots: a dam line with generation after generation of Preferent, successful breeding mares. Here is where the explanation can be found for his character and talent. The Fan ‘e Boppelannen breeder Marten van der Meer has a sharp and consistent breeding goal: ‘To breed fine Friesian sport horses.’ And that’s why in 2006, Beart 411 with his good walk, trot and hardworking attitude came into the picture as a partner for Wirdmer’s dam: Hinke F. Star Preferent Performance (Jillis 301 x Reitse 272). This mare, from the Folkertsma breeding programme, stems – just like Beart 411 – from pedigree 50. Their common foundation dam, the Model Preferent Namke (Nuttert 200) surfaces in Beart 411’s pedigree after three generations, in Hinke’s after four generations. ’It was a deliberate choice to apply linebreeding’, explains Marten, who has meanwhile stopped his breeding activities and passed it all on to daughter and son-in-law Joukje and Roelof Tjeerdsma. ‘Linebreeding is the way to embed the qualities of a bloodline.’
Marten van der Meer went to pay Wirdmer a visit in the past year. ‘We’re awfully proud that what we had in mind for our breeding has actually materialised. Wirdmer is the crown on our breeding.’ The fact that both Perry and Lisanne praise Wirdmer’s personality makes the breeder feel pleased as Punch. ‘For us personality is a key characteristic. A horse needs talent, but above all must have the willingness to work for you.’ Luck also plays a role. ‘We deem ourselves lucky that the Prexl family has invested money in our breeding goal. There are many more horses that are very talented for the sport, but then you still need to find people who are prepared to invest the talent, time, energy and money that’s necessary to take the horse to that level.


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