Half sister Limited Edition Breeding Day Champion in Germany

Harmke ter Meer, een halfzus van Limited Edition werd fokdagkampioen in Duitsland Harmke ter Meer, a half sister of Limited Edition, became Breeding Day Champion in Germany

In the weekend of August 24th Crown mare Harmke ter Meer (Olrik 383 x Tsjalke 397) was chosen as Breeding Day Champion in Baar-Freilingen in Germany. This 9-year-old mare owned by Peter Meer had only been weaned from her Menne 496 foal for just three weeks, but in spite of that she was presented in a super condition. With this championship Harmke has also landed herself an invitation for the Central Inspection.

Harmke half sister Kanjer ter Meer

Harmke is a half sister of former Horse of the Year: Limited Edition Sport (Uldrik 456) whose Studbook name is Kanjer ter Meer and who achieves fine successes in dressage with Judith Pietersen. Harmke is a beautiful mare, was Jan Hellinx´s commentary, the on-duty Jury member together with Wieneke Blom. ‘She has a strong topline, her walk showed length and she has a good posture in trot.’ At this inspection colt foal Karl fan H.M.V. (Omer 493) of Friesenstal Fan HMV, bred out of Grootheid Boszorg Star (Pier 448), received a first premium. Karl is an elegant foal who trotted with great ease and a powerful hind leg.

Stallion Champion

End of August three other inspections took place in Germany: in Baar, Sauerlach and Sindlingen. In Sauerlach the definition Breeding Day Champion got a different dimension. Not a mare, but Star stallion Jackpot F.W. (Rik 396) came first and took home the title of Best Horse of the Inspection. Bettina Müller´s colt Lancelot von Steinbach-Ries was awarded a first premium and became Foal Champion.

Three times Star second premium

At the inspection in Sindlingen the 3-year-olds caught the eye. Three of them were rewarded with a Star second premium. The chosen Champion was M. Junginger´s Bea von der Halde (Bartele 472 x Doaitsen 420). Jan Hellinx commentary: ‘Bea is a high-legged mare with good breed expression and clean legwork. She tensed up in the walk but trotted with satisfactory power and scope.’ Reserve Champion was Bente fan de Groenesteegh (Hette 481 x Beart 411), owned by Christian Seitz. At the halt Bente radiated stature but needed compensation for her lack of class. She achieved that with her excellent walk and trot. Hellinx: ‘Every stride was top.’

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