Hans Jürgen Bothmer, Hans Hermann Menke, Ralf Munitzk, Ulrike Beissner and Marit Ingen-Schenau honoured with the Royal Friesian Pin

Janneke Haverschmidt, Marit Von Ingen-Schenau, Hans Hermann Menke, Ralf Munitzk, Hans Jürgen Bothmer en Ulrike Beissner.

On Saturday the 16th of July, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of DFZ, the German Studbook for Friesian horses, five members were awarded the Royal Friesian Pin for their extraordinary commitment. Hans Jürgen Bothmer, Hans Hermann Menke, Ralf Munitzk, Ulrike Beissner and Marit van Ingen-Schenau were the lucky ones who received this trophy out of the hands of KFPS Board member Ella Wiersma.

Yearlong, unflagging dedication

Ella Wiersma spoke words of praise at the opening of the German inspection season in Klötze, the location for the celebrations of the 30th anniversary of DFZ. ‘For years on end these breeders have tirelessly devoted themselves to the DFZ and the KFPS. We express great thanks for the commitment they have shown to our wonderful Studbook.’

Breeding, sport and recreation to a higher level

These five honoured DFZ members have all been enthusiastic breeders as well as committed committee members for years, both in Germany and in the Netherlands. Besides, they have all used their own individual qualities to promote the Friesian horse in Germany and to take breeding, sport and recreation to a higher level.

Since April 1998 Hans Jürgen Bothmer has been on the Board of the DFZ, for a number of years in the capacity of chairman. He fully commits himself to inspections and events and is the association’s representative on the KFPS Member Council.

Hans Hermann Menke has been a member of the DFZ Board since May 1995 and has fulfilled long-standing regional functions. He is considered the driving force behind various successful events.

Ralf Munitzk has been a DFZ committee member since June 2005, being chairman of the region and warm-heartedly supports inspections and other events with sponsoring.

Ulrike Beissner joined ther DFZ as a committee member in December 2001 and has occupied various executive functions in the regional department. Ulrike plays an active role in courses and education and is a KFPS Jury member.

Marit Ingen-Schenau has had a seat on the DFZ Board since December 2009 and fulfils various functions in her region. Marit is co-founder and an active member of the DFZ Sport Committee. She is actively involved in the organisation of courses and educational programmes.

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