Training weekend in Norway by Harrie Draaijer and Leonie Evink

Inspector Harrie Draaijer and dressage rider Leonie Evink were invited by the Norsk Frieserforbund for a training weekend which was entirely about the Friesian horse. Harrie Draaijer provided information about the history and the judging of Friesian horses and explained the linear scoring system.

Dressage lesson by Leonie Evink

Leonie Evink shared her expertise about the specific aspects of riding Friesian horses and how to prepare for IBOPs. Her training included a clinic with various combinations and for a more personalised demonstration of her instructions she rode some of the horses herself. ‘It was great fun to do,’ Leonie Evink said, ‘there were not that many people in the group but I didn´t mind. It gave me sufficient time to give everyone the attention they deserve and to answer questions. In Norway the riders usually ride with little pressure on the rein. My challenge was to demonstrate how they can ride the horse in a more connected frame just by asking for a little more contact on the reins.

Breeding day Norway: 8 September

The annual breeding day in Norway is on the agenda for September the 8th and the programme includes a number of IBOP Tests. Before September Leonie Evink will make two more journeys to Norway to coach the riders who wish to present their own horses in the IBOP. ‘The people are very enthusiastic and keen. They are eager to learn and that really pleased me. The whole weekend was a pleasant experience for me. Hopefully more Norwegian owners of Friesian horses will hear about this training weekend so that we can welcome more applicants next year.’

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