Bert Wassenaar

I don´t know about you, but for me the month of September was one with a full calendar and many highlights. In my day-to-day job all the attention was focused on ´Prinsjesdag´, the Day of the King´s Speech. A day filled with splendour and grandeur leading up to the King´s Speech, tributary Army cordons and a Royal Cavalcade of up to 190 horses. This year the honour of pulling the eight-in-hand Glass Coach fell to the Gelderse (KWPN) horses and the Friesians were hitched up to the other three carriages, with one four-in-hand and two teams. For the honorary escort of the Cavalry six Friesians were chosen as mounts for the Regular Guards.
For the Studbook the Central Inspection in Drachten was the absolute highlight of last month. This is where the aces of the breeding days and competitions met and presented themselves at their best. The abundant variation in the programme showcased how
breeding and the use of the Friesian horse belong together and mutually influence each other. In addition to all the attention directed at breeding products and, in terms of breeding type, their fine and correct appearances as well as movement, competition for the Pavo Fryso Cup was fierce. I have thoroughly enjoyed the many classes and shows, like for instance the presentation of Sport Elite mares on the Friday night. And as always, the climax was the Champion Inspection.
Such excitement! And wonderful to see how the horses, from foal to Model mare, are presented with great commitment, involvement and enthusiasm.
This Phryso gives you another chance to read up on all the results at your own leisure.
A highlight in the sport was the Alrako KFPS Dressage Championship, which took place at the superb outdoor facilities of the KNHS in Ermelo.
Against a background of splendid weather conditions, the various dressage classes were the scene of true sportsmanship. During the prize-giving ceremony I was in a position to give Peter Spahn a moment in the spotlight. For twenty years already he has been a tremendous ambassador for the Friesian horse. In his capacity as dressage rider he succeeds in making the Friesian horse shine at the highest level. But not just that, also by giving lessons and clinics within and outside our borders he knows how to promote the Friesian breed. It was therefore with the greatest pleasure that I fulfilled my duty of honouring Peter with the Silver KFPS Pin.
The inspection season is nearing its end but the activities will go on. The Central Examination, for one, has kicked off and there are a few more inspections on the calendar. During the regional meetings in November we will gladly look back at the inspection season with you all, and we will then also share the evaluation of the inspection results with you.
For now: I wish you all happy reading.

Bert Wassenaar, Chairman KFPS

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