Highly recommended: Vintage Film Footage with Friesian Horses on YouTube:

The Friesian Film Archive has digitalised wonderful vintage films with Friesian horses and posted these on YouTube. Bringing the past back to life!

Quadrille, export and Stallion Inspection

The Quadrille of 1963 can be seen, including the wheel! A detailed report of the export of Friesian horses to South Africa or images of ring riding in Leeuwarden in 1954. Beautiful film footage from 1953 of the Stallion Inspection in Sneek, draught tests for Oene 201 and Otto 199 in 1959 and the ‘boerenbruiloft’ (Farmer’s wedding, ed.) in 1958. And many more extraordinary snapshots in black-and-white as well as in full colour. An absolute ‘must’ for lovers of Friesian horses.
Click here for the YouTube channel of the Fries Film Archief

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