IBOP: Crown for Dieke (Eise 489), Froukje (Jehannes 484), Hendrikje (Jehannes 484) and Hotske (Alwin 469)

Hotske van de Marne Kroon AA (Alwin 469 x Jasper 366) met Jelmer Ketelaar (Foto: Johanna Faber)

It was a fine IBOP day in Wergea on Thursday the 27th of October. From the 26 ridden IBOPs there were 15 with scores of 77 or higher. Four mares earned the Crown predicate. Two mares became Permanent Star and Jury members Hergen van Hall and Corrie Rave lifted Susanne Model Sport AAA (Norbert 444) to a top score of 86 points.

Three Crown via driving test, one with the saddle test

With Jelmer Ketelaar in the saddle Hotske van de Marne Crown AA (Alwin 469 x Jasper 366) rode to an 80-point score in her IBOP and secured Permanent Crown. This 4-year-old mare, bred by Douwe van Foeken and owned by the Boonstra family, became Crown at last year’s Central Inspection. The 5-year-old Dieke van ‘t Lansink Crown AA (Eise 489 x Tymon 456) found her way to Wergea via the same route. For her driving test with Jelmer Chardon she earned 80.5 points with an 8 for trot, canter and for transitions. Dieke is a granddaughter of Wyp van ‘t Lansink Model Sport Preferent Performance AAA (Beart 411), who was a nominee for the 2020 Horse of the Year election, from the well-known breeding stud of Rinus Loman and Carla Nijdam.

Crown thanks to a higher score

The third Crown mare was Froukje W. Crown AA (Jehannes 484 x Harmen 424) who made promotion to Crown thanks to her IBOP driving test. Age Okkema steered the 5-year-old mare, bred by the Wiegersma family and in ownership of Hessel Jan Oosterhof, to 77.5 points, which is 4.5 points higher than in Denmark last summer. What Hindrikje d. (Jehannes 484 x Jerke 434) couldn’t achieve in September she managed to do one month later. Age Okkema rode Henderkie Hindriks’ 4-year-old mare to 77 points in her driving test, which secured her the Crown predicate, the fourth on the day.

Star for Brecht H and Iefke Rinske L.

The 6-year-old Brecht H Star AA (Wylster 463 x Thomas 327) can now add the Permanent Star to her name thanks to a fine IBOP score of 79.5 points. The mare scored 7s or higher across the board. For her driving IBOP test Iefke Rinske L. Star A (Date 477 x Oltman 317) scored 72 points which makes her Permanent Star too.

Model mare Susanne: also AAA in dressage

The highest score of the day was for Lammert de Boer’s mare Susanne Model Sport AAA (Norbert 444 x Wikke 404) who amassed 86 points. This ‘powerhouse’ as judge Corrie Rave summed up the 9-year-old mare, already had an AAA suffix thanks to an IBOP driving test in 2017 with 84 points. With Leonie Evink in the saddle she took it to the next level: 86 points with a 9 for her canter with great impulsion and suppleness.

Two showdriving tests

The IBOP in Wergea was concluded with two showdriving tests. With Age Okkema on the reins Hendrik fan ‘e Ridderdijk Star AA (Alwin 469 x Gjalt 426) rode to 77.5 points, with an 8 for front and use of the foreleg. Susan Wind steered Yfke L.G. Star AA (Tjaarda 483 x Sjaard 320) from one A to AA thanks to a 79-point score, with an 8 for her use of the foreleg.

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