IBOP in Mexico: Three Crown mares, top score of 87.5 points


November 15, 2022

On Tuesday the 15th of November three mares became Crown after their successful IBOP in Mexicio: Emma van Diphoorn Crown AAA (Alwin 469 x Sierk 326), Fenna van de Lindeboom Crown AA (Markus 491 x Beart 411) and Dame D. van de Sprong Crown AA (Epke 474 x Andries 415). The one with the highest score was Dartanian MFR AAA (Doaitsen 420 x Felle 422), with 87.5 points and a 9 for trot.

Emma Crown with an 84 IBOP score

Emma van Diphoorn Crown AAA (Alwin 469 x Sierk 326) became Crown on account of her 84 points in her IBOP. She moved with a roomy walk, which should show a little more activity, but with fine forward reach in the foreleg. This 5-year-old mare, owned by Ganadería Harmanos Gomez, was bred by the Ensing family from Sleen out of successful broodmare Zita van Diphoorn Crown Preferent Performance AA (Sierk 326 x Oege 267). The mare demonstrated good posture in trot showing lots of balance and a good hind leg. Her canter had good self-carriage and was also ridden with lots of balance and posture. Emma was rewarded with an 8 for her trot, canter and posture & balance.

Fenna van de Lindeboom Crown AA (Markus 491 x Beart 411) totted up 78 points in her IBOP, which was also good for the Crown predicate. The 5-year-old Fenna displayed a regular, active walk and a trot with suppleness, rhythm and lots of bend in the hind leg. In canter she must learn to move with stronger strides, the Jury members commented. ‘But the strides showed activity, suppleness and impulsion.’ Fenna was bred by H.A.M. Smink from Amersfoort and is in ownership of Ganaderos Huastecos.

Dame D. second Crown mare for Ganaderos Huastecos

Third Crown mare of the day was Dame D. van de Sprong Crown AA (Epke 474 x Andries 415), bred by Anita van Kempen in Rijkevoort and also owned by Ganaderos Huastecos, who therefore travelled home with two brand-new Crown mares. The 5-year-old Dame – daughter of Diamant Tr. van de Sprong Model Sport (Andries 415 x Dirk 298), completed the IBOP with a 77 score and showed a roomy, active walk with lots of shoulder freedom, which won her a 7.5. The trot was regular but should be more ground-covering. In canter she moved with activity and satisfactory engagement from the hind leg.

Two stallions AAA: Foppe and Dartanian

Jury members Wil Thijssen and Jolanda Slootjes were presented with a total of twelve horses in the IBOP. Along with Emma, two more horses were awarded the AAA score. The highest score of 87.5 was for 5-year-old stallion Dartanian MFR AAA (Doaitsen 420 x Felle 422), with which he added another A to his former AA predicate. Daranian was bred in America at Maddi’s Friesian Ranch and moved with a roomy, regular walk, showing good bend in the hind leg. The trot displayed impulsion, posture, suppleness, a fine extended pace and good use of the hind leg, which resulted in a 9. Engagement from the hind leg in canter was satisfactory. The stallion was very responsive to the aids moving with lots of posture, suppleness and impulsion.

Also going home with the AAA predicate was 5-year-old Star stallion Foppe van Gorsveld (Hessel 480 x Beart 411) who was bred by Frans ten Breteler in Hengevelde and nowadays owned by Ganaderos Huastecos. His IBOP was rewarded with 84.5 points with an 8 for walk, suppleness and impulsion. He showed a roomy and active walk, moving nicely through the body. The trot was ground-covering and the stallion – who participated in the 2020 Central Examination – showed well-executed transitions and fine use of the foreleg. His roomy canter with generous forward reach had satisfactory uphill quality. ‘A horse with lots of suppleness and impulsion’, the judges concluded.

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