Impressive Ilya queen of the Central Inspection 2021

De algeheel kampioen van de CK 2021: Ilya fan Jentsje's Pleats Voorlopig Kroon (Jurre 495 x Michiel 442) met (links) fokker Jentje de Groot en Jantien en Anne Rixt, eigenaar Jelmer Chardon, voorbrenger Reinder Agricola. (Foto: Johanna Faber)

September 18, 2021
The Overall Champion of the CI 2021: Ilya fan Jentsje’s Pleats Preliminary Crown (Jurre 495 x Michiel 442) with (on the left) breeder Jentje de Groot and Jantien and Anne Rixt, owner Jelmer Chardon, runner Reinder Agricola. (Photo: Johanna Faber)

The Overall Championship at the Central Inspection 2021 on Saturday the 18th of September was won by the 3-year-old Ilya fan Jentsje’s Pleats Preliminary Crown (Jurre 495 x Michiel 442), bred by Jentje de Groot and in ownership of Chardon Stables.

Agility and nimbleness

Saturday the 18th of September ended with an exhilarating climax of the Central Inspection 2021. It was not the light-footedness of Mokkeltsje fan de Mersken (Ulbran 502), not the power of Verona fan ‘Sweltjes State’ Model AA (Epke 474 x Jerke 434), nor the fine lines of Talina van de Marne Model Sport (Tsjalle 454 x Jasper 366), it was the ‘agility and nimbleness of the young horses’, as Sabien Zwaga explained on behalf of the Jury. ‘Horses with a modern build with that extra trot and good walk, that is what we want for the future.’ Ilya was the one who fulfilled this wish the most.

Hobke Reserve Overall Champion

‘What a treat to see so many high-quality horses’, Sabien Zwaga showered her praise, who assigned the Reserve Title to another such impressive 3-year-old: Hobke v.d. Peester Hoeve Preliminary Crown (Markus 491 x Norbert 444), bred by Jaap Ekhart and owned by M.B. Huitink. Hobke probably presented a bit more ‘horse’, but Ilya won on the finishing touches.

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