Inez fân it Pompeblêd (Rommert 498) first premium and Czech Champion *with video*

Twee driejarige merries kampioen en reservekampioen in Tsjechie: Inez fân it Pompeblêd (Rommert 498) en Isabela (Epke 474)


October 10, 2021
Two 3-year-old mares Champion and Reserve Champion in the Czech Republic: Inez fân it Pompeblêd (Rommert 498) and Isabela (Epke 474)

According to Jury member Sabien Zwaga the 3-year-old Inez fân it Pompeblêd (Rommert 498) was ‘a feast for the eye’. On Saturday the 9th of October Inez became Star with a first premium and Day Champion in Prague, the Czech Republic.

Lots of spectators

Zwaga and fellow Jury member Popke van der Meulen were chauffeured to the Czech Republic by his brother Hendrik: ‘That was very pleasant because it’s a long drive, especially after a busy day with inspections.’ The inspection took place at a wonderful equestrian complex close to Prague, with a remarkably big turn-up to watch the Friesian horses.


The first foal in the ring, Rusty van Dupaumolen (Jurre O. FB), promptly received an orange rosette and ultimately became Foal Champion. From the same dam Betsje Star AA (Wierd 409) Katarina Salkova also bred the 4-year-old Diana van Dupaumolen (Maurus 441), who was very tense at the beginning, which meant she couldn’t show her walk to her best. Fortunately, the youthful and proportionately-built Diana relaxed in time and she became Star with a second premium. Another red rosette was for the 3-year-old Isabela (Epke 474 x Wimer 461), a mare with abundant feathers and roomy walk.

Inez Day Champion

Gabriela Jasurkova Mikutova’s mare Inez fân it Pompeblêd (Rommert 498 x Maurits 437) immediately caught the eye of the Jury members when walking round: ‘A mare with graceful lines, strong build and correct stance of the legwork. She walked and trotted with lots of dash, wonderful to see.’ Inez, from Willem Wester’s breeding stud, was the convincing Day Champion.

Inez fân it Pompeblêd (Rommert 498) received a first premium

Stunningly gorgeous Armani

On Friday evening Armani W.L. (Jasper 366 x Time 398) had made a great impression in the IBOP Test: ‘An imposing stallion with a remarkably good canter, lots of balance and a carrying hind leg.’ Zwaga and Van der Meulen had high hopes for this stallion at the inspection. ‘He is dazzling, high-legged and longlined. Especially with his IBOP score of 83 points he would certainly be Star-worthy. Unfortunately though he turned out to be lame at the in-hand presentation, both in walk and in trot. A great pity.’

Word of thanks

Sabien Zwaga spoke a word of thanks to Board member Zuzana Rehorova who served a period of ten years on the Board of the association. She has always fully committed herself to the Friesian horse but now she is taking her farewell: ‘Zuzana always was our interpreter at inspections, she’s fluent in English and could translate our commentary for the owners and the public. Working together was always a great pleasure.’

An impression of the opening ceremony and the Breeding Day Champion in Prague:

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