Inspection Mexico: Star stallion Shadow. S (Alwin 469) Day Champion

De kampioenshengsten in Guadalajara: Shadow.S (Alwin 469) en reserve dagkampioen Nyckle v/d Hiltsjemuoiswâlden (Ulbrân 502),


November 14, 2022
The Champion stallions in Guadalajara: Shadow.S (Alwin 469) and Reserve Day Champion Nyckle v/d Hiltsjemuoiswâlden (Ulbrân 502).

On the 12th of November Jury members Wil Thijssen and Jolanda Slootjes inspected about fifty foals and horses in Guadalajara in Mexico. They made the 9-year-old Shadow.S (Alwin 469 x Bente 412) Star as well as Day Champion. The Reserve Day Champion Title was for 2-year-old stallion Nyckle v/d Hiltsjemuoiswâlden (Ulbrân 502 x Tsjalle 454).

Around 7000 to 8000 Friesian horses in Mexico

The first Friesian horse in Mexico was imported in 2000, which means their breeding history is now twenty-two years old. Meanwhile numbers have soared to a total of roughly 7000 to 8000 registered as well as unregistered Friesian horses. This was the twelfth inspection for the Mexican owners, who mainly sent in stallions. Champion stallion Shadow stands at 1.76m. but proportions were satisfactory, judges Jolanda Slootjes and Wil Thijssen decided. ‘A breed-typical stallion with a good topline, croup is slightly sloping and legwork is satisfactory.’ Shadow’s walk was roomy and regular but he should develop a little more bend in the hock. ‘His trot shows a lot of suppleness and scope with fine use of the foreleg and satisfactory uphill outline.’

The Reserve Champion Nyckle, bred by the Talma family from Twijzelerheide and owned by Roberto Reyes Granados, received a second premium. He had satisfactory expression of the head and a long neck with fine crest. ‘He has a good topline as well as good croup conformation and length.’ His walk should convince a little more, his trot showed satisfactory scope but the hind leg should step more forward under the body.

Youngster Champion by Foalbook stallion

The Youngster Champion Title was for the 2-year-old Olivia who received a first premium, but she was not present at the champion inspection. This Mexico-born mare is owned by Elena Ortega Heredia and was sired by Foalbook stallion Wubbe G.J. Star AAA (Gerben 479). Her dam is a daughter of Foalbook stallion Jannes H. Star (Mintse 384). The judges described her as a youthful, longlined and high-legged mare. ‘She has satisfactory expression of the head and satisfactory vertical quality of the long neck.’ Her legwork is correct and of good quality. In walk Olivia moved with ground-covering strides and rhythm. ‘She has a roomy trot, with suppleness and satisfactory uphill outline.’

In the mare category there was one Preliminary Star: the 7-year-old Wijkje E (Wimer 461 x Jelte 365), bred by the Emmens family from Nooitgedacht and her owner is Fransico Javier Yanez Lopez. ’A mare radiating breed expression and fine, dry legwork.’

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