Inspections in Guatemala: 6-year-old Antje Star (Hessel 480) Day Champion

Kampioensmerrie Antje van WoppieWoppie Ster (Hessel 480) en reservekampioen Amarins Ymkje Ster (Mewes 438)


March 28, 2022
Champion mare Antje van WoppieWoppie Star (Hessel 480) and reserve Champion Amarins Ymkje Star (Mewes 438)

At the inspection in Guatemala it was the 6-year-old Antje van WoppieWoppie (Hessel 480 x Folkert 353) who snatched up the Title of Day Champion. This mare, bred by C.J. Hommers from Milheeze and owned by Raul Gonzalez Zometa, proved to have the strongest use of the hind leg in the champion round.

Fine breeding type Antje

Antje came into the ring in the category Star mares, where Jury members Jan Hellinx and Willem Sonnema did not award her a first premium but still, they were full of praise for her fine breeding type and good direction of body shape. ‘She had a foal at her side which is why she lacked a bit of muscling and class’, Jan describes her, also saying that her walk is active and roomy. ’In trot she demonstrated good posture with good use of the hind leg, but she needs to develop a bit more reach in her foreleg.’

In the Championship Amarins Ymkje (Mewes 438 x Felle 422) secured the Reserve Title. This 6-year-old, who was bred by Mieke and Siebrand Haarsma from Oudega, received a Star with a second premium. ‘She is longlined and displays good breeding type’, Jan explains. ‘She has a generous forehand with a vertical neck. She has a regular and active walk but needs to develop longer strides. In trot she moved with a lot of posture in a fine uphill outline as well as strong use of the hind leg.’ Amarins Ymkje’s owner is Raul Gonzalez Zometa.

Star stallion Aktion R

The inspection in Guatemala was the last of their 14-day-trip and here Jan and Willem inspected around thirty horses. Roughly half of the presented horses were stallions. One of the Foalbook stallions earned a Star: Aktion R (Wimer 461 x Dries 421), bred by the Raaijmakers Family and in ownership of Raul Gonzalez Zometa. ‘A stallion with a generous forehand, good direction of the body and an elegant appearance’, the Jury members concluded. ‘He showed lots of scope and looseness in walk, in trot he moved with good balance but he needs to develop a faster hind leg.’


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