Inspections in Mexico: Emma (Alwin 469) Preliminary Crown and Star mare Tite (Norbert 444) Champion

De kampioen en reservekampioen in La Capela: Stermerrie Tit J. (Norbert 444) en twentermerrie Meg van Hergo (Twan van Plexat)

March 19, 2022

On Friday the 18th of March, KFPS Jury member Willem Sonnema and Inspector Jan Hellinx appointed the 5-year-old Emma van Diphoorn (Alwin 469 x Sierk 326) as Champion in Mexico. After her Star first premium, Emma, who was bred by the Ensing Family, also became Preliminary Crown. The reserve sash was for the 2-year-old Melle van Hergo (Jehannes 484 x Gerben 479), who also received an orange sash. Both Champion and reserve Champion are in ownership of Ganadería Hermanos Gomez, who had more good news coming his way.

Five Star mares

Five mares from his yard earned a Star second premium: Femke fan Tersoal Star (Jehannes 484 x Olof 315), Datura fan ‘t Blommefamke Star (Nane 492 x Leffert 306), Hester fan de Greidpleats Star (Jehannes 484 x Maeije 440), Ilfa Star (Maeije 440 x Aan 416) and Gravin Boszorg Star (Menne 496 x Wylster 463).
Yearling colt Persibal van Hergo (Jehannes 484) out of Model AAA mare Iemke van Diphoorn received a first premium.

Champion Star mare Tite J.

Jan and Willem began their inspection round in La Capela on Thursday the 17th of March, where they chose Alfonso Godinez’s Star mare Tite J. (Norbert 444 x Anton 343) as the Champion. This 8-year-old mare, bred by J. Jensma from St. Annaparochie, was given a first premium. The judges lined up the 2-year-old mare Meg van Hergo (Twan van Plexat x Norbert 444) as the Reserve Champion. She earned a second premium and so did Maca Van der Gar (Ulbrân 502 x Tsjalle 454).

IBOP with a 84.5 score

Four Stars were awarded in the stallion category, one of them was for Emiel fan d’ald Loop (Nane 492 x Doaitsen 420). On top of that he also completed a very fine IBOP of 84.5 points, with an 8 for trot, canter, transitions and posture & balance. Champion of the stallions was Emiel. The Reserve Title went to Inke Stal Heeslust (Wimer 461 x Teunis 332). The second-highest IBOP score was achieved by Ayse van Raepshille (Alwin 469 x Heinse 354). The 6-year-old Ayse scored 78.5 points.

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