Inspections in Mexico: Ilse Renske Star (Markus 491) and Hylke (Rommert 498) Champions

Kampioen bij de hengsten: Hylke van de Adelvej (Rommert 498 x Tsjalle 454) met eigenaren Christianne R. de Jager

March 22, 2022
Champion of the stallions: Hylke van de Adelvej (Rommert 498 x Tsjalle 454) with owner Christianne R. de Jager

In Monterrey on Sunday the 20th of March, Jan Hellinx and Willem Sonnema had to work their way through a whole series of horses at the inspection. The Star second premium was for 4-year-old Ilse Renske fan de Greidpleats (Markus 491 x Olof 315) who became Champion of the mares. ‘A beautiful, expressive mare oozing class, well-built, with good body shape and fine, dry legwork’, Jan Hellinx sums up. ‘She displayed an active walk, with just a tiny bit of tension but with satisfactory scope. Her trot also showed satisfactory length of stride, but she would benefit from a little more suppleness.

Nine Star stallions


The classes with the stallion were pretty full. From the thirty that were presented seven earned themselves a Star. Hylke van de Adelvej Star (Rommert 498 x Tsjalle 454) won the Champion Title. ‘A classy stallion with a generous forehand and strong build, just a fraction downhill and dry legwork’, is how Jan describes him. ‘He walks energetically and in trot nicely rose in front.’ The Reserve sash was for Doeke V.D.M. Star (Tsjalle 454 x Andries 415). ‘A slightly compact but very elegant stallion. His walk is a little short but in trot he moves with lots of balance and a fine posture.’

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