Inspections in North America: Janneke Preliminary Crown (Tiede 501) wins in Michigan


September 14, 2022

Janneke of Boonstra Friesians Preliminary Crown (Tiede 501 x Doaitsen 420) is the Breeding Day Champion of the inspection in Ionia, Michigan. Overall Reserve Champion is Adeline-Christina fan Thunderhill Crown AA (Sape 381 x Mintse 384), and there is an honourable mention for the number three: Felicity fan ‘e Performa Crown AA (Julius 486 x Mintse 384).

Janneke of Boonstra Friesians Preliminary Crown (Tiede 501 x Doaitsen 420) Photo: Lori Thwing

IBOP Driving Tests of 78.5 and 80 points

Jury members Piet Bergsma and Wil Thijssen thoroughly enjoyed themselves in Michigan. Their inspection day began with five IBOPs, two of them driving tests. Two Star mares really impressed with their presentation in the hands of their driver as well as trainer Kai Zijlstra. Adeline-Christina fan Thunderhill Star A (Sape 381 x Mintse 384), owned by Alaina Gregory from East Grand Rapids, earlier had completed an IBOP with 74.5 points. Now however, she could exchange her A for an AA with her 78.5 score. Felicity fan ‘e Performa Star (Julius 486 x Mintse 384) threw in a bit extra and put 80 points to her name. ‘It was such joy to watch’, says Wil Thijssen. Later that same day both mares returned for the inspection and both received a first premium as well as promotion to Preliminary Crown, which could promptly be upgraded to Crown thanks to their fine scores in the aptitude test. Adeline shows breeding type, an active walk with a strongly engaged hind leg and for the trot she even scored an 8.5. Felicity too has breeding type, has strong conformation with fine body shape and she combines a good walk with a roomy trot and lots of balance.

Adeline-Christina fan Thunderhill Crown AA (Sape 381 x Mintse 384)

Felicity fan ‘e Performa Crown AA (Julius 486 x Mintse 384) Photos Lori Thwing

Janneke: best walk and trot of the day

But there was another mare who even outperformed these two wonderful older mares: the 3-year-old Janneke of Boonstra Friesians (Tiede 501 x Doaitsen 420) who’s owned by Mark and Martha Boonstra. Janneke scored high marks across the board, showing an especially strong walk. She came top of the leader board in the category 3-year-olds, where Khloerstje (Tjalbert 460 x Nanning 374) flanked her in place two with a Star second premium. In the Champion inspection Janneke earned the Preliminary Crown predicate and was chosen as Overall Champion. ‘She is very youthful and had the best walk and best trot of all horses. In movement she was undeniably the best horse of the day’, Wil Thijssen’s comments.

Tsjalle 454 supplier of first premiums

The colt foal category produced one first premium whereas there were three filly foals with a first premium. Standing out as sire was Tsjalle 454, who promptly started his stud season in America with resounding successes, especially in Lori Brock’s yard, since she went home with four first-premium foals. Colt foal Titan of Majestic Friesians (Tsjalle 484 x Julius 486) raked in an orange rosette. In the filly foals the lucky ones with a first premium were Temptress of Majestic Friesian (Hessel 480 x Lammert 260), Tepin of Majestic Friesians (Tsjalle 454 x Julius 486) and Theory of Majestic Friesians (Tsjalle 454 x Julius 486). The Champion Title was for the supremely trotting Theory, the breed-typical Titan won the Reserve Title Foals.

Nanneke van de Keen (Nane 492 x Onne 376)

Photos: Lori Thwing

Granddaughter of Hilly is Youngster Champion

The Youngster Title was for the 2-year-old Nanneke van de Keen (Nane 492 x Onne 376) who is a granddaughter of the well-known Hilly van de Zuiderwaard Model Sport Preferent Performance (Tsjerk 328). The breed-typical Nanneke was given a first premium on account of her strong topline, although her legwork slightly lacks quality. But in walk she moved with good ground-covering strides and in trot moved with suppleness and good bend in the hind leg. Reserve Youngster Champion was yearling Prada of Majestic Friesians (Julius 486 x Date 477).

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