Inspections in South Africa: 3-year-old Jielkje (Alwin 469) earns Star with first premium (with video)

Jielkje fan Pela Graca Ster (Alwin 469 x Jisse 433) met voorbrengers, Sabien Zwaga, Annemieke Elsinga en eigenaar Leandré Pienaar

Jielkje fan Pela Graca Star (Alwin 469 x Jisse 433) with runners, Sabien Zwaga, Annemieke Elsinga and owner Leandré Pienaar

On Thursday the 17th of March Sabien Zwaga and Annemieke Elsinga could award the 3-year-old Jielkje fan Pela Graca (Alwin 469 x Jisse 433) a Star with a first premium: ‘She was the star of the day, certainly in movement.’ This mare from Aveleda Friesperd Stoet just missed the Preliminary Crown predicate because she fell a bit short on conformation. ‘She has a fine forehand and a long, vertical neck‘, Sabien comments. ‘She should be a little stronger in the connection to the loins, her legwork is dry but her hind leg is slightly small-angled.’ Jielkje really convinced in movement. ‘She walked in a resolute manner moving well through the body. Her trot was uphill with lots of balance and a powerful hind leg.’

Watching many livestreams

This was the first time that Leandré Pienaar and Jack de Jager of Aveleda in Potchefstroom played host to the KFPS Jury members, but although their stud is still in its early days, they had thirteen horses lined up for the judges. The triangle was well set-up and the runners did a great job, Sabien and Annemieke noticed. ‘They told us they had watched lots of livestreams.’

Pecos van Aveleda (Mewes 438)

All foals by Mewes 438

Until his death one year ago, Mewes 438 was stationed at this stud and that showed in the lineage of the foals, they were all offspring of the Teeuwis 389 son.
Colt foal Pecos van Aveleda (Mewes 438 x Bendiks fan ‘e Vesta Hoeve) received a first premium. ‘He is a high-legged foal with lots of breed expression, a vertical neck, a great crest and dry legwork’, Sabien commented. ‘He was a bit rushed in walk but he demonstrated good suppleness and capacity for transitions in trot.’

Waike W. (Alwin 469) Star with a second premium and runners and owner Leandré Pienaar

7-year-old Waike W. Star

The ladies could award a second Star to Waike W. (Alwin 469 x Fabe 348), bred by the De Wit Family from De Hoeve. This attractive 7-year-old mare showed satisfactory youthfulness, a strong topline, but should have a little less slope in the croup and her feet should be a bit bigger. ‘Her walk displayed satisfactory scope and power and she showed a functional trot with fine use of the foreleg.’


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