Inspections in South Africa: Dries 421 takes farewell from the show ring with Championship and ‘Meet and Greet’ (with video)


March 26, 2022

On Saturday the 26th of March KFPS Studbook stallion Dries 421 was given his farewell from the inspection ring at the Horse and Wine Show in Parys, South Africa. Just one day before his farewell he gloriously triumphed in the race for the Champion Title. The 21-year-old Dries 421 will continue to stand stud.

Everyone has their pictures taken

This turned out to be an emotionally-laden happening. In South Africa the 21-year-old Dries 421 enjoys the status of audience favourite, just like his dad Jasper 366 does in the Netherlands. So after the tribute the ring was transformed into a busy stage for the ‘Meet and Greet’ with the nestor, which took quite some time. ‘Everyone wanted to be portrayed with him’, reported Sabien Zwaga, who together with Annemieke Elsinga had also been kept pretty busy over the past few days in Parys, with tight schedules of inspections from 08:00 to 18:00 and working their way through many different categories of Friesian horses. One of those classes was the one for KFPS Studbook stallions, which Dries won with aplomb from his ten years younger stable mate Hette 481, who also lives at the Pela Graca stud farm.

Stars and Crown mares

From now on the presence of Dries 421 in the inspection ring will be a thing of the past, although he remains available for breeding purposes. During the KFPS Tour many of his offspring succeeded in securing the Star predicate and some of them even rose to Crown.

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