Inspections in South Africa: Tessa Star, Celeste van Henson IBOP with 78 points

Sabien Zwaga en Annemieke Elsinga met (links) Gia van Henson (Kalvin) en rechts Tessa van Henson Ster Sport (Dries 421)

Sabien Zwaga and Annemieke Elsinga with (left) Gia van Henson (Kalvin) and (right) Tessa van Henson Star Sport (Dries 421)

KFPS Inspector Sabien Zwaga and Jury member Annemieke Elsinga received a very enthusiastic welcome from the breeders of Friesian horses. ‘After a two-year gap due to Corona they are all too pleased that inspections are getting underway again.’

Star with a second premium

The two ladies left for South Africa on Sunday the 13th of March and the first inspection was on the agenda for the Monday. In Vereeniging, at Gawie and Henriet Stolz’s Henson Friesian Stud, the ladies had to inspect six mares for acceptance in the Studbook. Of these, the 8-year-old Tessa van Henson Sport (Dries 421 x Ritse 322) was awarded a Star second premium. ‘She has an excellent walk, moves well through the body with a resolute hind leg’, Sabien comments. ‘In terms of conformation she was a bit compact, but she presents a strong top line, has a proportionate build and has satisfactory posture with a strong hind leg in trot.’ There were also premiums for the 4-year-old Gia (Kalvin x Tsjerk 328) and the 6-year-old Beatrix van Henson (Dries 421 x Doaitsen 420), both mares went home with a third premium. ‘They are modern, youthful and longlined mares that need to convince more in walk for a Star declaration.’
Gia is a daughter of the Foalbook stallion with stud license Kalvin fân Stal Bellefleur Star Sport AA (Tsjalle 454 x Folkert 353). Kalvin has produced many offspring at Henson, and his foals catch the eye with their good walks.

IBOP with a 78 score

The programme also included an IBOP and that resulted in 78 points for the Riding Test for Celeste van Henson (Dries 421 x Winand 405), ridden by Wium van Huysteen. ‘She stood out with very good use of the hind leg’, Sabien explains. ‘Use of the hind leg was always very correct in the extended paces and transitions. The mare has lots of go, self-carriage and willingness to work.’

Next inspection Pela Graca

The first day at the fine accommodation of Henson Friesian Stud was too short to inspect all horses. But there are more inspection days in South Africa on the calendar, including a show in Parys where there will be a few more horses. At the end of the day the two judges continued their tour to the next inspection location: Pela Graca. That offered opportunities for some stunning pictures with ostriches and giraffes along the road.

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