Inspections in South Africa: Udine fan ‘t Hoogeland Crown

Udine fan 't Hoogeland Kroon (Wybren 464)


March 25, 2022
Udine fan ‘t Hoogeland Crown (Wybren 464)

On Friday the 25th of March the Horse and Wine Show in South Africa resulted in a Crown mare. Jury members Sabien Zwaga and Annemieke Elsinga rewarded Udine fan ‘t Hoogeland (Wybren 464 x Harmen 424) with 77 points for her IBOP. ‘A mare who demonstrated a satisfactory walk and in trot moved with a fast hind leg, stepping well forward under the body. In canter she should show more suppleness’, is how Sabien described Niekie Pienaar’s 8-year-old mare from Adelprag Stud. The mare was presented under saddle by lady rider Chere Burger. In her second presentation for promotion to Crown Udine was awarded a first premium during the in-hand inspection.

Udine under Chere Burger during her IBOP

Durk van de Marren Star AA

Impressive Durk

The judges also assessed stallion Durk fan de Marren Star AA (Eise 489 x Beart 411) to see if he might be a potential candidate for a stud license. ‘An impressive, longlined and correctly-built stallion with great movement’, Sabien explained. ‘He has a powerful, roomy walk and an uphill trot with lots of impulsion and fine use of the foreleg.’

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