Inspections in the US: Day Champion Kristina (Sipke 450) Star with an IBOP of 80 points

The KFPS spent three days inspecting in California. On the third day they were welcomed by the Fernandez family at their Friesian Focus. ‘Fantastically situated in an environment where everybody seems to have enormous homes and fenced-in estates for horses’, says Jolanda Slootjes, who inspects the horses together with Piet Bergsma. ‘Another paradise for horses where the horses have run-in sheds.’ The stud farm is located in an area very close to where the wildfires of the previous autumn raged. ‘The neighbours helped to evacuate all horses. And the fire-fighting planes came here to tank water from the big pond to extinguish the flames.’

Robust 26-year-old Monte 378

The Dutch guests were treated to a fine presentation by a surprisingly vital 26-year-old Monte 378 Sport. The inspection day started with five IBOPs and Kristina from Friesian Farms (Sipke 450 x Sibald 380) received 80 points for the under-saddle test. This made her move up from an A score to an AA score. To top it all off this 11-year-old mare, bred by Nonning and Diana Leyendekker and owned by Jennifer Andrea Bruno, was awarded with a Star and won the Day Champion Title.
Her Reserve Day Champion was the 4-year-old Isabelle from Gemini Star (Tjaarda 483 x Alert 475) who received a Star second premium, as did the, also 4-year-old, Ixia De Godin (Bartele 472 x Uldrik 457).

Star gelding with a 77.5 IBOP

Wessel van de Pôle (Brandus 345 x Rypke 321) scored 77.5 points in the IBOP and this gelding was also given a Star with a first premium. In the in-harness test Violet Star A (Michiel 442 x Gjalt 426) collected 77 points and got the AA suffix.
From the six stallions Navarre K. (Wander 352 x Tsjerk 328) became Star. In the youngster category 2-year-old Nova M (Bene 476 x Sape 381) was the Day Champion with yearling Quiana (Haike 482) winning the Reserve Title. Both young horses were awarded with a second premium.

After this last inspection in Western America the team of judges and their presenters prepared to move east: off to Pennsylvania.


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