Inspections in the US : Gerlinde (Andries 415) Model, Everest (Nane 492) champion

A wonderful inspection with lots of quality and beautiful champions. Judges Piet Bergsma and Jolanda Slootjes have arrived in Michigan during their tour of the United States. Two busy days of judging resulted in a Modelmare, a Crown mare and a provisional Crown, which ended up being the best of the day on Friday the 11th of February.

Remarkable Everest

The overall Championship title went to the five-year-old Everest KFF (Nane 492 x Wylster 463) who received a first premium Star and became Provisional Crown. ‘A beautiful mare with remarkable movement’ Piet and Jolanda agreed. Everest has been bred by Roelof and Ankie Kraak from Ontario, Canada whom have been active in the breeding of Friesian horses for years, but never earned a Star with their horses before. With Everest they hit the jackpot. Everest is a daughter of Mette fan A. Ster, bred by KFPS director Marijke Akkerman. ‘A very easy-going horse’, the owner told the judges. ‘My wife doesn’t really interact with the horses, except for Everest, who is so gentle’.

Mother Auwert 514 Star to Model

Everest was in good company during the Championship inspection.  Gerlinde D. Star (Andries 415 x Folkert 353) was invited as well. The 12-year old mare left the Netherlands as a Provisional Crown and thanks to an IBOP in harness with Wim Cazemier on the reins she earned 78 points a day before the inspection, which promoted her to Crown. It didn’t end here for the mare owned by Jack Vanderkooy of KCF Farms from St. Thomas Ontario. Gerlinde also received the Model predicate. At the end of the day she was crowned reserve-champion as well.
The third remarkable mare was the seven year old Ylja A.d.V. (Hessel 480 x Doaitsen 420) who was promoted from Star to Crown thanks to an 8 for her trot and exterior, as well as an previously passed ABFP test with a score of 80 points. Ylja is owned by Clifford Dice from Midland, Michigan and was bred by Amarins de Vries from Terband.

Snow outside, but a warm arena inside

With temperatures around freezing and a little deck of snow outside, but inside a warm and nice arena in Shipshewana, the judges started off on Thursday with  16 horses for the IBOP. The next day started of with measuring the horses after which the Inspection could start, with an enthousiast crowd present. The horses were presented ‘in great showing condition’ as Jolanda complimented the trainingstables and presenters. A part from the Dutch team traveling with the judges, Wim Cazemier had trained a few eager young men as well to present the horses.

Youth championship for Stormy

The youth championship went to yearling Stormy fan Royal Thunder (Bene 476 x Anton 343), bred and owned by Steven J. Smith from Palmyra, Wisconsin. The reservetitle went tot wo year old mare Marte R.S. fan Top en Twel (Alwin 469 x Brandus 345), bred by the Schraa-Wynia family from Oppenhuizen and owned by Andrew E. Troyer, Fredricksburg Ohio.

Tiny Stallion Inspection

During the two-day event the audience was treated to a tiny Stallion Inspection with the KFPS studbook stallions Sjouke 453, Tsjalle 454, Thorben 466, Hessel 480, Wolfert 467 and Julius 486. ‘With more people in attendance than during the Stallion Inspection in Holland’, Piet joked the next day while traveling to the warmer temperatures of Florida with Jolanda and the presenters team.



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