It’s quite rare for me to hand in the text for the column so shortly before the deadline. Inspiration differs from time to time. Most of the time the basis for the topic on this page comes from discussions at e.g. a study club evening. Or simply a conversation with a breeder alongside the inspection ring.
Subjects that are important to the members and how to translate these into ways in which the Studbook can take action, that’s in a nutshell the subject of this Phryso column. But alas, study evenings and inspections with audiences are still out of the question for now. A loss, in many respects. Not just because of the social aspect, but the lack of interaction in particular creates a void. Because the functioning of a society depends on the exchange of ideas. And thus provides material for a column.
For the record, however, in spite of all that we’re not just sitting on our hands. Last year’s breeder survey has yielded ample input from the members which warrants translating into policy. In this case specifically about giving a boost to breeding.
On top of all that, finding solutions for activities that are possible in these times is a mission that takes double the amount of energy. A fine example would be the KFPS College Tour. It’s an alternative for the study evenings. Judging by the overwhelming number of viewers and the many positive reactions this is a huge success!

A broad palette of breeding topics, by various experts and fellow breeders. In the middle of that time of year which is the most captivating in terms of breeding. The time when foals are born and decisions involving breeding are made. Prime time for the finest hobby there is: breeding! With webinars, but also e.g. the breeding special, the March edition of Phryso, we aim to inspire you all. First of all, inspiration to start breeding. But also the inspiration to make the best choices in breeding.

Ids Hellinga
Director KFPS

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