Instruction Day WC Young Dressage Horses: ‘Looking for the potential’

Martha van der Meulen en Elbrich fan 'e Herdershoeve Kroon AAA (Jehannes 484) . Foto : Ingrid Truijens

On Friday the 25th of February seven combinations took their first tentative steps towards the WC Young Horses. Under the watchful eyes of Arie Hamoen and Christa Larmoyeur the six best horses per year collection of the Pavo Fryso Cup 2021 as well as free entries were invited to Harich to ride the test which is required on the entry day and the selection day of the WC.

Second year for the Friesian horse

The selection for the WC Young Dressage Horses starts in early April with the first selection training, in addition to this there will be an additional entry day in March. All entered combinations were welcome in Harich, where the KFPS had organised an instruction day to help the riders with their preparations. ‘As yet it’s only the second year that Friesian horses are allowed to take part’, we hear from Eveline van Kooten from the KFPS. ‘We are keen to assist our members so that they can present their Friesian horses in the best possible way.’ This way everybody knows what to expect and what the horses are required to do.’

High standards

The bar is high for the selection of the WC Young Dressage Horses. Horses 5 years of age have to ride a test at M level, the level for 6-year-olds is Z including a flying change, and 7-year-olds have to be ZZ-Heavy classified to be eligible for selection. ‘A combination really has to meet many requirements in order to stand a chance of a place on the team’, Christa explains. ‘Three very good basic gaits, a fine, constant frame with at all times the nose out in front, and on top of that they have to ride a good test.’ According to Arie Hamoen it’s not just about spectacle, but also correctness in riding and movement: ‘The combination has to move around the ring quite effortlessly and naturally, with correct functional movement.’

Test and tips

All combinations got the chance to ride their test in front of Arie Hamoen and Christa Larmoyeur, following which the latter discussed a few elements from the test with the riders. ‘We found the level was quite okay’, Arie says. ‘The group contained talented combinations, but riding a neat test is definitely not the same as riding an aptitude test.’ All combinations were given a protocol to take home and if needed can get in touch with Arie for additional questions. ‘Today we did not assess the level of the test but instead looked for their potential. For future year collections it’s also worthwhile knowing that it’s not necessary to have full command of the level just yet. But we need to be able to see that it’s doable to reach the level before the end of summer.’

The participating combinations in Harich were:

Martha van der Meulen with Elbrich fan ‘e Herdershoeve Crown AAA (Jehannes 484)
Hennie Roffel with Fryso 518 (Hessel 480)
Marell Hilberts with Drys Ygrek Star (Omer 493)
Iris Sijtsma with Fedde vân de Pôle Star (Meinte 490)
Britt Muis with Ernst K. Star (Markus 491)
Suzan Wind with Wilhemus fan ‘e Sintelwei Star AA (Epke 747)
Debby de Graaf and Drys ut de Westereen Star (Omer 493)

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