International edition for Friesian Talent Cup

Het bestuur van de Friesian Talent Cup samen met winnaar bij de hengsten dit jaar Hardy fan 'e Lytse Generael en amazone Corina van den Bunt, Marc Peter Spahn, en sponsor Yvette Pen tijdens de gewonnen instructiedag bij Stal Baron-Spahn op 26 maart jl. Foto : Ingrid Truijens

While the instruction day won by the finalists of the Friesian Talent Cup 2021/2022 was on the agenda for last Saturday, the organization is already in eager anticipation of the new season. This time there will be two editions of the Young Friesian Horse Competition: the ‘familiar’ Dutch version that will get underway in November, but for the first time also an edition for the countries abroad.

Online and live

The foreign version is intended for Friesian horses from all over the world, born in 2018. Dutch combinations are excluded from taking part. Foreign combinations have to send in their online test before May the 15th, just like was done with the Dutch edition of 2020 when almost the entire competition had to be ridden online because of Corona measures. Provided there are enough combinations that have qualified, the organisation aims to organise several live instruction days and potentially, also finals.

Scoring system remains the same

In order to get through to the next round the foreign combinations also have to score 68 points or more. According to Wendy van de Veen, Board member of the Friesian Talent Cup, it was a deliberate choice to invite horses from the year 2018: ‘We really want to see the natural aptitude of the horses and with 4-year-olds the rider influence is a less decisive factor compared to horses that are a bit older.’ If a minimum of 25 combinations in one country score 68 points or more the plan is to organise a live event in that country, and some members from the Board as well as the competition and the Jury will come over.

Foreign cooperation

The organisation is still looking for sponsors so that these foreign competitions can be organised in the most optimum way. The American FHANA has already offered their cooperation. ‘This requires even more planning and organising’, says Wendy, ‘but we are very interested to find out what talents there are in the countries abroad and we hope to be able to contribute to the education of young Friesian horses.’

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