Jehannes 484 best of the older stallions (with video)

Jehannes 484 - Jurre 495 KFPS Hengstencompetitie 2022 © Digishots

January 15, 2022
Jehannes 484 – Jurre 495 KFPS Stallion Competition 2022 © Digishots

During the KFPS Stallion Inspection in Harich on the 15th of January 2022 Jehannes 484 prolonged his Title Older Stallions. Overall Champion 2021 Jurre 495 was the Reserve Champion.

Thrilling right to the end

Jury member Sabien Zwaga kept tensions running high right to the very last moment. Alwin 469, Fonger 478, Jehannes 484 and Jurre 495 were all in top condition and definitely each other’s match. All four stallions were given the chance of an extra individual presentation and following this they were lined up in the centre of the arena for the announcement of Reserve Champion and Champion Older Stallions.
‘It was incredibly difficult, and so it was this morning’, Sabien says. ‘But we decided in favour of the stallion who had the best uphill build and whose presentation remained very constant throughout the day.’

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