Jehannes 484 Champion older stallions (with video)

Jehannes 484 KFPS Hengstenkeuring 2020 © DigiShots

Jehannes 484 KFPS Stallion Inspection 2020 © DigiShots

‘We have decided in favour of the stallion with the best breeding type in his front.’ Hearing Jury member Louise Hompe speak these words Age Okkema already became a bit excited. He was pretty sure this description fitted his stallion. ‘It was a close call’, Louise Hompe admitted, who chose Jehannes as the Champion for his ‘strong foreleg and hind leg as well as super movement’. Making off with the Reserve Title was Fonger 478, also because of his exceptionally strong movement.

It was clear that in the category older stallions Jehannes and Fonger were the finalists with the best cards, in spite of impressive rounds in trot by Beart 411, Michiel 442, Tsjalle 454 and Wimer 461.

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