Jehannes 484 Filly Champion in the UK

Filly Jeldau fan Fraithwen (Jehannes 484) with her dam Jade fan de Groenesteegh Star (Stendert 447) (Photo: Sinclair Photography)

In the UK catalogue number 1 was not only the best horse of the inspection but turned out to be the best overall Friesian horse of both England and Scotland. Jeldau fan Fraithwen (Jehannes 484 x Stendert 447) of Fraithwen Friesians received a well-deserved first premium from Jury members Jaap Boersma and Annemieke Elsinga. ‘A longlined filly with a long, vertical neck,’ Boersma explained, ‘she demonstrated a roomy walk and lots of agility in trot.’

Orange Sash for Yearling

Carolyn Purse came up with a Dutch version of her name to provide a fitting stable name for her horses: yearling Georgia van de Portemonnees (Alwin 469 x Haitse 425) also received an orange sash for her appearance in trot. The 10-year-old Foal Book mare Farah van Sp. (Jorn 430 x Mintse 384), owned by Danielle Demello, was entered in the Studbook as Star with a second premium. ‘This mare stood out from the others in the category for older mares,’ Boersma decided, ‘slightly heavy but with strong conformation. The walk and trot showed scope but she would benefit from a bit more expression.’

IBOP Topper

Reier van Marije (Reinder 452 x Jasper 366), owned by Mrs S. Richardson, completed an IBOP Test of 78 points with a seven for the three basic gaits. ‘Overall, the IBOP Tests were well-ridden but the horses should be presented with more impulsion. Gelding Reier was the only exception in this respect,’ Boersma states. In the in-hand inspection the 6-year-old gelding could be declared Star with a second premium. His 3rd dam Cevia Star Preferent (Peke 268) is the dam of the well-known Amalia-Annie Model Preferent (Hearke 254), who stems from the Van der Zee breeding programme that also produced Norbert 444.

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