Judging course: more than 20 graduates

Foto: Lori Ann Thwing

Following the judging course in the West of America, KFPS jury member Wil Thijssen also provided an assessment course in the East of the United States. He was able to present the certificate to a whole group of enthusiastic lovers and breeders of the Friesian horse.


Congratulations for: Pamela Gardner, Brenna Wishart, Carrie Blair, Eileen Sherman, Pam Groom, Claudia Gregory-Rayner, Tammy Amnott, Glenn Amnott, JoAnn Clough, Dan Malliet,
Tiffany Vanderkooi, Willem Vanderkooi, Karianna Oury, Scott Julius, Maria Link, Katie Wenger, Erin Miley, Nathan Miley, Victoria Kendall, Tonja Hodges, Martha Boonstra,
Mike Cunningham, Jennifer Cunningham, Reuben Troyer, Katherine Hammond,
Stephanie Froelich.

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