Keen new team in Luxembourg

The 7-year-old gelding Mario R. (Dries 421) was the best horse at the inspection in Luxembourg (Photo: Harrie Draaijer)

On September the 28th Harrie Draaijer and Willem Sonnema inspected fourteen horses in Luxembourg. The horse coming out on top, with a Star second premium, was a 7-year-old gelding by the name of Mario R. (Dries 421 x Tsjalke 397 who was bred by J.P. Raaijmakers and is owned by Lisa Foegen. ‘This gelding made a fantastic front,’ Draaijer comments, ‘he has a solid build and a good walk. He trotted with more than satisfactory use of the body and moment of suspension. At the inspection all members of the organisation communicated in Dutch, quite extraordinary. All of them had had an internship, a job or had followed an education in the Netherlands. This young team is keen to stimulate the breeding of Friesian horses in Luxembourg.’


Next, the Jury members journeyed on to France where fifteen horses, six of them foals, appeared at the inspection in Rosières aux Salines. Three of the foals were sired by Tsjalle 454. Draaijer: ‘The Tsjalle foals lacked movement. The best foal was the Omer 493 son Lextasy. He is a big-framed, high-legged foal with a modern appearance. His walk was satisfactory and he trotted with a lot of scope.’ Lextasy (maternal sire Norbert 444), owned by Elodie Lavarde , received a second premium. The Day Championship was prey for the 4-year-old Warnie de Selincourt (Fabe 348 x Beart 411), in ownership of SCEA Les Frisons de Selincourt. Warnie was registered in the Studbook as Star with a second premium. ‘A breed-typical mare with a correct model and a lovely head,’ Draaijer said. ‘In walk she moved with good use of the body and length of stride. She needs to develop more elevation in trot.’

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