KFPS Annual Report 2020: breed-technical and sporting progress

In breed-technical and sports aspects, the year 2020 was a success for the KFPS in spite of Covid-19. The KFPS Annual Report states that the numbers of Preferent and Performance mares show a strong increase and the Star percentage at inspections on location reached a record high.

68 Inspections on location

Thanks to the inspections on location breeding kept going. Therefore the number of inspected horses in the Netherlands stayed up to standard, but due to travel restrictions numbers in the foreign countries fell far behind. Quite conspicuous is the high Star percentage of nearly 55% of the 3-year-olds. The year-long average lies between 35 and 40%. With nearly 24% the percentage of foals with a first premium was also at an all-time high. In line with the fine inspection results the Studbook could register 58 mares as Preferent in the Studbook in 2020, which was 19 more than in 2019. There were 28 mares who obtained the Performance predicate, thanks to strong sport performances of their offspring. That is twice as much as in the year before.

Online generates more attention for breeding

The highly successful Stallion Inspection 2020 sold out in record time. With live streams in four languages thousands of people were able to experience the Championship with Matthys 504. The inspections on location were reported via livestreaming and every inspection was followed by an average of 200 to 500 fans within and outside our country. This way the inspections had a vast range, which was a boost for the knowledge and interest in breeding Friesian horses. Compared to last year, the necessary online communication resulted in twice as many visitors on the platform Phryso.com.

Recognition as a dressage horse

In terms of sport the lack of competitions and events was keenly felt. A great boost though, was membership of the WBFSH, the World Breeding Federation of Sport Horses. The recognition of the Friesian horse as a sport horse opens doors to major international events, such as the Olympic Games and the WC Young Dressage Horses, with a few Friesian horses currently being in the race to be included in the Dutch Selection for this WC. The great ambassador for this membership, Elias 494, was elected KFPS Horse of the Year in 2020.

Please click here for the full KFPS Annual Report 2020

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