KFPS intern researches developments in breeding

Kampioen hengstveulens en jeugdkampioen Lewis fan Bach (Jehannes 484) (Foto: Dansk Frieser Forbund) Champion Colts and Youngster Champion Lewis fan Bach (Jehannes 484) (Photo: Dansk Frieser Forbund)

Over the past few years the number of mares put in foal has remained stable. However, compared to 15 years ago the number of members involved in breeding has gone down. For her work placement at the KFPS, Cora Tolsma, a student in her 4th  year of Animal Husbandry at the Van Hall Larenstein in Leeuwarden, is working on an analysis of stud service numbers. Some breeders have downsized their breeding activities, others have scaled up. Some breeders have stopped in the past few years, others are newcomers to breeding. So what are the trends and more importantly, what are the underlying reasons that cause this?

As part of her research Cora will send breeders a questionnaire by email. This won´t be very time-consuming for members because the number of questions is fairly limited. It´s important for the KFPS that the research includes as many breeders as possible. We are grateful for your response!

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