KFPS keeps working on making inspections and aptitude tests more attractive

Realising growth in breeding is a mix of market development, demand for Friesian horses and stimulating breeding. To be an incentive for breeding, inspections and aptitude tests must be and remain attractive, is what came to the surface at the Jury meeting on Friday the 10th of December.

Professionalisation, education and standardisation

Following the after- and re-inspection there was a Jury meeting. Also on the agenda was getting acquainted with the Manager Inspection Greetje Swart. Ideas were exchanged about how to meet the huge demand for inspections within and outside the Netherlands, as well as how to safeguard the quality and professionalism of the Jury Body. The Jury Body continues to work on further improving professionalisation, education and standardisation. Points of attention include communication and mental resilience as well as a quicker turnover of Jury members and recruitment. Reimbursements should be in line with the commitment and responsibilities involved.

Inspection season 2022

A general discussion of the inspection season 2022 took place as well. One aspect is the increased demand for inspections in foreign countries, thanks to the huge worldwide interest for Friesian horses. The agenda features one postponed inspection in the US for February, and one team is scheduled to travel to Mexico and Guatemala. By then the first location- and Studbook inspections will take place too and in the summer it’s time for the 2022 breeding days, with most dates already fixed on the calendar. So the new inspection season will soon be on the agenda again and in early 2022 these can be looked up in the calendar on the KFPS website.


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