KFPS on place 18 of WBFSH ranking list

Marc Peter Spahn - Jeroen Poll © DigiShots

The KFPS features in place 18 on the WBFSH studbook ranking list for dressage. That means that the Studbook as supplier of Friesian dressage horses has climbed five notches on the list within the space of one year. In 2021 the KFPS stood in place 23. Every year the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses publishes ranking lists with the most successful studbooks in the separate disciplines. In dressage the KFPS ranks in place 18, the KWPN comes top of the leaderboard.

Poll in top 200

On the list of breeders we find the first breeder of Friesian horses in place 195, Mrs Maaike Poll, who is the breeder of Jeroen Poll (Anders 451). Number 240 is Demro Stables, breeders of Elias 494 and number 274 is the Van der Meer family who are the breeders of Wirdmer fan ‘e Boppelannen (Beart 411).

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