KFPS publishes two new books


From the start of 2020 the two courses ‘Judging I and II’ will be replaced by the course
‘Judging the Friesian Horse’. An entirely renewed course programme with a brand-new and lavishly illustrated book. KFPS Inspector Sabien Zwaga has been prominently engaged in the remake of the course. ‘One of the Studbook´s main tasks is to provide information. The Inspection is committed to sharing their knowledge about the breeding goal and judging Friesian horses. The more knowhow the members have the more progress can be made in breeding and the more enjoyable breeding and inspections will be. Being aware of what the judges look at and how the various aspects are weighed in, helps to build a better picture of what happens in the inspection ring and people know better what to expect. Knowledge about how to judge the Friesian horse is also a great help for stallion choices and when purchasing a horse.’

The Friesian Horse

For all new members of the KFPS the book ‘The Friesian Horse’ has been published both in Dutch and English. One hundred and twenty pages full of information about breeding, care and sport, elementary information that every owner of a Friesian horse should have. Also covered are subjects about the functioning of the Studbook, the history of the Friesian horse and the system of inspections and predicates. Apart from providing a host of information, it´s a beautifully designed book with loads of wonderful photos of Friesian horses. New members will receive the book free of charge, members can purchase the book at a 50% discount during the Stallion Inspection.
Both books will be available during the Stallion Inspection and additionally, can also be bought from the KFPS and in the Epplejeck store.

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