KFPS starts preparations for the Stallion Inspection 2022

Hengstenkeuring 2020 foto Remco Veurink

The KFPS has begun the preparations for a full-fledged Stallion Inspection in January 2022, including the Friesian Proms and open for the public. The Friesian Horse Event of the year is planned for the 13th, 14th and 15th of January 2022. Ticketsales for members of the KFPS will start November 1st, sales will be open for the public starting November 11th.

Optimistic and enthusiastic

Even though we don’t have the go-ahead yet, the KFPS is optimistic (and enthusiastic) that the Stallion Inspection will proceed in it’s full glory ànd with full attendance at the beginning of 2022. Beginning of November we will have more clarity about the conditions, which is why ticketsales will start a bit later than usual. The KFPS has taken the possibilty for all her members to have a seat at the WTC Expo in Leeuwarden as starting point. This is why the first 10 days of ticket sales will be exclusively for members of the KFPS.

Spectacular event

Behind the scenes the event organization has begun the preparations to provide you with the spectacular events that are the Stallion Inspection and Friesian Proms, with it’s 25.000 visitors and close to 200.000 viewers through livestream. In 2021 the Stallion Inspection was able to take place due to an ‘online edition’ which wasn’t accesible for the public but visible in four languages all over the world, through livestream.


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